Prepaway – MCSE Core Infrastructure Microsoft 70-744 Exam: What It Means to Your Security Specialist Career



The continued rise in computer usage by businesses and individuals has brought about greater exposure to systems and data threats. Cybercrime – this term is common almost to everyone and all would like to protect their data from unauthorized access. Threats and vulnerabilities could lead to more losses to businesses if no precautions are taken. According to a 2019 report by the University of San Diego, these challenges have gone up in the recent past. But thanks to new advanced methods of countering these threats, Microsoft has continued to do research and has come up with sophisticated solutions for neutralizing these threats. One of them is by training and certifying professionals on system security capabilities and ways to safeguard computer systems. To be a real expert in security, one needs to gain MCSE Core Infrastructure certification by passing the 70-744 exam. And in this article, you will know about this test and what it means to your career as a security professional.

MCSE Core Infrastructure Certification Overview

Before getting the details about prepaway or Securing Windows Server 2016 exam, let’s see what MCSE Core Infrastructure credential is about. First of all, the expert level is the highest, you can get within the Microsoft Certification Path. It means that you’ve already passed three exams to obtain a certification of the associate level and have enough experience, working with the particular versions of Windows Server, in this case, with Windows Server 2016. Then, you need to pass one of the seven exams available at the Microsoft website and gain this expert certification. Only with MCSE Core Infrastructure credential, you’ll have the opportunity to opt for positions of administrator architect, information security analyst or computer support specialist. Now, let’s turn to details of the 70-744 Exam.

Microsoft 70-744 Exam Objectives

To sit for 70-744 test, you must be able to prove that you understand and can carry out the following technical tasks:

  • Carrying out server hardening
  • Securing of virtualization infrastructure
  • Managing privileged identities
  • Securing the infrastructure of a network
  • Implementing solutions for threat detection
  • Implementing security that is workload-specific

Microsoft 70-744 Exam Details

The exam tests your skills and experience in securing the Windows Server 2016 environment. You must prove that you understand and can carry out hardening of server environments as well as securing the infrastructures of virtual machines.

The exam has 40-60 questions that will take you 2.5 hours to complete. The exam questions that appear can be multiple-choice, simulations, fill-in-the-blank, case studies, hot areas, drag-and-drop, active screen, simlets and teslets. You’ll have to register with Pearson VUEe before being allowed to take your exam. The exam will cost you $165. To qualify for a certification, you must attain a passing score of 700 points.

Microsoft 70-744 prerequisites

This exam targets IT professionals who have already earned a certification in MCSA: Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2016. It means that you have experience of passing either 70-410, 70-411, 70-412 or 70-740, 70-741 and 70-742 exams.

What does passing Microsoft 70-744 exam mean to your security specialist career?

Pursuing more advanced systems security skills shows your commitment in providing solutions to business challenges. This can bring about many benefits to you and your career. Let’s find the reasons why you should take 70-744 test:

  1. Your Skills Become Validated

When you pass your exam, you’ll receive a certification to prove your skills. Microsoft credential is respected all over the world and professionals with Microsoft certifications find it easy to secure jobs. This is because your Securing Windows Server 2016 related certification proves to employers that you’ve mastered cybersecurity skills and concepts.

  1. You Become a Skilled Security Specialist

Some of the areas that the Microsoft 70-744 exam covers are on installation and configuring of Microsoft ATA (Advanced Threat Analytics) and securing of network infrastructures through firewalls. Passing your exam demonstrates that you have these requisite security skills. You’re going to make use of these skills in helping businesses secure their data and systems by preventing security breaches. You become a valued security expert.

  1. It Demonstrates Reliability

Employers understand that individuals with certifications are reliable and efficient in their roles. When you’re committed and efficient in your work, you won’t have to be pushed or followed around to perform your duties. You’ll definitely prove to be an asset to your employer.

  1. Your Cybersecurity Skills Mean Success To Business

Nothing beats the feeling that you get when you know employers rely on you to provide them with solutions to issues challenging their businesses. Technology has affected many areas of business. Your knowledge in security threats such as malware, phishing attacks, viruses and more is fundamental to business. The most important aspect of this computer proficiency is in your ability to provide innovative solutions to these problems. Being in a position to solve these issues makes you a very important employee to your company as this translates to business success.

  1. Increased Job Opportunities

Cybersecurity job opportunities are many. It is a growing career field that needs more security experts. Attaining a security credential proves your competency in securing the environments of Windows Server 2016. This gives confidence in hiring you as their security expert to HR. With such skills and experience, getting a good job is guaranteed.

As for the job roles that you get access to once you pass your Microsoft 70-744 exam, they are the following:

  • IT security specialist
  • Windows systems administrator
  • Cybersecurity specialist/analyst
  • IT-specialist-Windows Server
  • Systems architect
  • Information security analyst
  1. Increased earning potential

The possibility of earning more increases with passing your 70-744 exam. This is because advanced skills mean competence and efficiency. When you can be relied upon to provide solutions, your earning potential goes up. Professionals with this MCSE: Core Infrastructure credential can earn average annual salaries of about $115,154 according to website. This shows the kind of potential available in security specialist jobs.

What resources can help you prepare and pass your Microsoft 70-744 exam?

Microsoft exams are challenging, though you can pass them on your first try if take the preparation process seriously. That’s why you need to find the right resources that will bring you success. To pass your 70-744 exam, use the following resources:

  • Training Courses

You can make use of Microsoft 70-744 instructor-led or self-pacedcourse to help you cover the exam concepts in detail. For that visit the Microsoft official website. In addition, make use of Prepaway website that also offers another great course for this exam.

  • Study Guide Books

There are books that you can use during your exam prep. They include Microsoft Press Exam Ref 70-744 Securing Windows Server 2016guidebook and70-744 Lab Manual.

  • Microsoft 70-744 Exam Dumps

Exam dumps or practice tests are useful for your exam preparation. They simulate the actual exam environment and give you the opportunity to practice there. Through this, you can know the areas that still require more practice. You’ll also learn the exam structure, expected exam questions and how to answer exam questions successfully. The most reliable dumps to use for your exam practice are at the Prepaway website, as they are updated and checked by IT experts.

  • Microsoft 70-744 Exam Study Forums

Forums like one available on Microsoft website are helpful as you prepare for your exams. You can ask questions and learn from what others share or ask.

Final Thoughts

The importance of passing the Microsoft 70-744 exam cannot be underscored. Apart from earning your MCSE: Core Infrastructure certification, this exam means a lot to your security specialist career. It allows you the advantage of gaining systems security skills that stand out. The value that these skills bring to you, your career and your employer is unlimited. Pursue these skills today and you’ll never regret!


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