Sports Betting- A Myth or a Boon


Well, it has been Crazy Lockdown a few months for all of us and there always a question arises that what are you doing in the lockdown? How are you dealing with it?

Here is the answer to it which will keep you busy, make you have fun and yes my friends, it will also help you earn at the comfort of your home.

Imagine Earning while wearing pajamas and being at home on your comfy bed. Yes, It is Realistic, just start cricket betting, very much legal and fun of course. There is plenty of money to be made so start your betting account, dust the dust and start earning.

It’s not just the trend but a place to have fun and earn together, whether to start with it now or later is your option but make sure you do not lag behind the trend and the fun and earn some extra bucks while playing your favorite game.

online betting

Let’s see some Sports Betting Myths:

  • Bookies knowing things better than Me:

    Most of the players are under the impression that the bookie or dicer knows better than the players. The Players or the Online Betters have a notion and they believe that the bookie has some inside information about cricket betting which they do not have.

  • The Professionals Make Correct Predictions:

    Yes, the Professionals cannot be wrong but it is not necessary that they are always right as these professionals also are been paid to share their predictions, the work of tipping is not the only way to win. They are experienced in it but that again doesn’t mean that they are better than average players. It’s Just that it is their full-time job so they have more time to analyze things than you and also.

  • Gamesters will Ban You for Winning Consistently:

    A profusion of Players think that the Bookies love losers and not winners and many even think that they will ban the consistent winners from betting again but this is a myth, my friends, just like players bookies hate to lose too and they will always try to cut down their losses but as long as you are not cheating or using any wrong means, they cannot ban you just for winning. And always choose a reliable cricket betting website.

  • Bookies Fix Matches:

    Usually, the beginners have this thing in mind that the Bookies tend to fix the match but always remember that the bookies are the biggest losers if the match is fixed because always the criminal mind will make sure of stealing money for them. So they do not fix the matches.


Earning money from what you are passionate about is just a blessing and that too doing it at the comfort of your home staying away from all the danger of COVID-19 and yet earning is a gift.

And betting in sports always provides players an opportunity to understand the game better.

And always keep in mind the above-mentioned Myths so that nothing is stopping you and you earn beyond the potential you hold.


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