4 Tech Trends in the Online Gambling Industry


Online casinos and technology are two terms that go hand in hand. The very concept of being able to play for real money from anywhere in the world was nothing but science fiction not too long ago. And yet, it has become a reality that’s here to stay. However, the concept is by no means stagnant; as technology is evolving, this unlocks new possibilities for the players all around the globe. So what does 2020 have to offer in this regard?

4 Tech Trends in the Online Gambling Industry

  1. Story-led Games

2020 is the start of a new decade, and some players feel that playing a round of slots with no story behind it is no longer enough. Consequently, we are seeing industry-renowned developers starting to go in the direction of introducing the concepts of 3D animation, gamification, and storytelling to their games. Think in terms of having the players enjoy a cinematic experience full of plot twists, epic fights, and drama. Unlike what a regular movie allows for, this is still a game in which a player actively participates in by making decisions that affect its outcome. One of the best things about it is that there are so many genres to explore: sci-fi, romance, drama, comedy…

  1. Blockchain technology

Like it or not, playing at an online casino involves making a financial transaction. For some, this may raise security concerns (and rightfully so). After all, one’s credit card number falls under the category of sensitive personal information that needs to be treated with care. Websites such as www.casinomarket.com are tracking which casinos accept Bitcoin, a form of payment based on the blockchain technology that an increasing number of gamblers are starting to rely on. Its main benefit is making transactions anonymous and not having to wait for the gambling platform to release funds once requested. Due to a fast rate of adoption, it’s safe to assume that we will see even more Bitcoin casinos as time goes on.

  1. Social Elements

Humans are social creatures. As such, we may feel an urge to share our little victories with others on social media, and hitting it big on the reels is a perfect example that lends itself to the occasion. Many online casinos have started incorporating this kind of functionality as part of their offerings and some are striving to go even beyond. For instance, how would it feel to interact with a live dealer and other players? In 2020, you can absolutely do that too and it almost feels like getting all the perks of visiting a brick & mortar casino without being there. Speaking of which…

  1. VR Technology

As the VR technology keeps getting more refined, the prices of a typical VR headset keep falling within an ordinary person’s budget. Not only is it a great new way to consume all kinds of content, it’s a magical device that can virtually teleport you straight into the glamour of a Las Vegas hall if you so desire. Although the costs of the hardware are still out of reach for some, this will be less and less of a barrier in the near future.


The advancement of technology not only allows gamblers to reach new heights, it also makes the industry more interesting to those who have not yet decided to get involved. As we move forward, the sky is the limit.


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