Bollywood Actor Salman Khan on GHMC Election Voter list – Gowlipura ward


 Salman Khan on GHMC Election Voter list :Bollywood Super Star Salman Khan is native to Mumbai. It is well known. Now, his name has surfaced in the voting lists of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Polls with his photograph including the name of his father as Saleem Khan. Only, there was an error showing the age. In the age column, there was a mention of 64 years. Whatever the case may be,Salman Khan appearing in the voter lists in GHMC polls has grabbed media attention.

Bollywood Actor Salman Khan on GHMC Election Voter list – Gowlipura ward


Srishailam, polling agent of Congress nominee in Gowlipura ward, was surprised to see the star’s name among the voters’ list. Name of Salman Khan’s father was mentioned as Saleem Khan. Even more shocking was the star’s age being mentioned as 64 years beside what appears to be his latest photo.

His Elector’s Photo Identity Card (EPIC) No. was YVO 1360395. On learning about it, media persons rushed to the division and clicked pictures of the list. In next few minutes, the star’s photo in the list got circulated in WhatsApp and went viral on social media.

Even while Tollywood stars Nagarjuna, Jr.NTR appealed to individuals to emerge and vote worried within the reduced turnout, polling agencies in Gowlipura were astonished on locating the star’s photo.

Polling agent in Gowlipura ward of Congress nominee, Srishailam, was amazed to determine the title that is star’s one of the voters’ listing. The title of Salman Khan’s dad was described as Saleem Khan. Much more surprising was the age what seems to be his newest picture.


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