Add Efficiency in Your Organization with Virtual Hackathons


DO you think that you need a breath of fresh air in the organization? What do you do to ensure that your organization works effectively and efficiently? Have you ever pondered about the precautions that you can take?  Of course, there are manifold types of things that you can do to ensure that your employees stay effective, professional and well-informed.

Add Efficiency in Your Organization with Virtual Hackathons

Have you ever thought about aspects like Virtual Hackathon? When you do organize this type of program in your business, you can effectively reap the finest outcomes.  There are so many things that you would love about this concept and a few are like:

  • Examining data to create predictions
  • Driving varied sorts of business innovation
  • Exploring new sets of technologies
  • Obtaining development programs
  • Hunting out solutions for social causes
  • Branding of your organization or products
  • Rewarding innovative and creative thinking
  • Making possible start-ups

For such a concept that concentrates on the output, the chief aim is strong branding, IP development, or that of innovation. You can easily reap a lot of things from this concept. You might go for external or internal both sorts of hackathons. Speaking of internal or physical hackathon concept, it confer the below given benefits. :

  • Strengthen the values of a company
  • Assisting in assessing the present employee pool of the company based on the team collaboration ability, presentation skills and so on.
  • Crowd source ideas from the present talent of a company
  • Provoke engagement by focusing on self-directed and new learning
  • Offer employment to folks with the right skills and attitudes
  • Form up a diverse and supple work environment by boosting empowered groups and teams
  • Enhance transparency in the management by permitting talent mobility and making ensure that you enjoy a culture of recognition

Such are the types of platforms that can get used as an effective innovation management software and work as platforms to interact and initiate for developing interesting products and processes. Such programs take the individuals and organizations only towards growth. You can reap a lot of optimism and scope from these programs.


A Rapid Peep into this Concept

A hackathon is a competitive platform or program in which teams of professional’s developers, designers, and subject matter professionals gather to form solutions for a specific problem within a defined time frame. The motive is to construct a working prototype in shape of a site, an application, or even a robot to solve an assumed issue.  It is even known as hack fest or even hack day, the program offers the participants the chance to cooperate, make network and even productize their ideas.   However, the most famous form of a hackathon is a type of physical or offline one.  However, it does not mean that the online one is useless. Folks make the most of virtual or online programs too. The program mostly lasts for twenty-four hours and it is most of the times organized on the weekends.  All the participants are motivated to come up with ground-breaking solutions to solve issue statements for specific themes given in the hackathon.

There is not a smidgen of doubt that for the participants and even attendees, a hackathon is an ideal platform to get to know about the fresh technology, work on a project they are dedicated about, and form a working proof-of-concept in a limited period of time.  It can also see as an opportunity for them to collaborate and network with compatible and professional people who are determined and keen about forming products. These are no longer restricted to just the community of developers. Anybody or anyone who has the skills to contribute to forming the product might suitably take part in a hackathon. It is like an exclusive and inspiring platform for everyone from learners to developers and even that of general professionals. Once your employees take part in these programs, they get the finest information available in the present scenario.

Encourage Newness

Businesses usually carry out this concept to encourage innovative problem solving, bring on innovation, and even that of construct brand awareness. Different sorts of organizations conduct internal hackathons too within their organization to engage their employees and boost a collaborative work environment. Moreover, on the other side, external hackathons are efficient and assistive for firms in finding and recruiting creative and talented experts at a slighter cost than that of any sort of conventional recruiting techniques. Instead of going through general or random rounds of interviews, organizations can conveniently assess potential candidates by their general performance in a hackathon.  On the basis of their objective, firms might thus opt for either an external hackathon or that of even internal hackathon.  It is always on the choice and preference of the organization.

The current day age is really vivid and complicated, in order to make the most of your business, you need to make the most of the things that are crucial. The success and progress of any organization in the present digital world relies on the ability to sustain innovation. To achieve growing customer expectations and even that of fulfil the rising competition, companies must innovate fast and construct new features to enhance their product or service. The biggest perk that a hackathon can offer is a structure to scale creativity and build fresh features. Strong ideas ending up from hackathon might help the organizations provide better customer experience and improved revenue.

In the traditional times, the responsibility or duty of introducing fresh and creative and innovative products, services and that of business models was associated only with a handful of individuals and individuals inside the organization. Usually a dedicated R&D or the Innovation Department was given the responsibility of the endeavour. But in the present time, if you see around, you will find most of the small and big companies making the most of hackathons.  The organizations insure innovation through such platforms. It would be needless to say that the program is getting immensely popular with both individuals and the organizations. Everybody wants to expand their horizons and skills. In case you want that you get a wider prospective and your employees enjoy huge skills and knowledge then you must not miss out on hackathon.


So, make sure that you invest in Virtual Hackathon India and make the most of it. It would not disappoint you for sure.


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