Tiger Zinda Hai Review: Box Office Collection 1st Day, 2nd, 3rd Day Report


Tiger Zinda Hai Review: Box Office Collection 1st Day, 2nd, 3rd Day Report:

tiger zinda hai

Now that Tiger has returned once again, the director of this film has changed course, but the idea of ​​presenting the story and characters is much more than the previous film. The story of the previous film started with my own father, this time the fire of terrorism starts with the land of Syria, which is scorching for years. Salman’s film is surprised to see why the film has been stopped in Pakistan, while there is nothing in the film that is averse against Pakistan. However, for the first time on the silver screen, it is good to go on a mission together with Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI and RAW and watch it on the screen of the cinema.

Tiger Zinda Hai 1st Day, 2nd Day, 3rd Day Box Office Collection:

Tiger Zinda Hai First Day Box office Collection: 34.10 crore

Tiger Zinda Hai Second day Income Rs 35.30 crore

Tiger Zinda Hai Third Day Collection Rs 45 crore


  • Salman Khan,
  • Katrina Kaif,
  • Angad Bedi,
  • Paresh Rawal,
  • Girish Karnad

DIRECTOR – Ali Abbas Zafar

DURATION – 2 hours 41 minutes


Avinash Singh Rathore (Salman Khan) has now become the father of a beautiful eighty-year-old son, Junior Tiger. With his beautiful wife Joya (Katrina Kaif) and son Tiger is living peacefully among the snowy hills of Austria, but Tiger has neither forgotten her own nor RAW for a moment.

This is the reason why Tiger keeps sending his signature to Sir (Girish Karnad) without his boss sitting in New Delhi. In the meantime, Osman (Sajid), the leader of the ISI, a lot of Syrian radical Islamic organization, has been involved in capturing and destroying one city after another, to teach America a lesson and to spread panic and kill innocent citizens. Is in Many Americans are in Osmani’s captivity even after the American journalist was killed. In such a way, America plans to attack Usman’s base camp and to attack other extremists including Osman, after seven days.

There are more than 40 nurses from India and Pakistan in this area of ​​Usman who are in possession of Usman and his companion Baghdadi. Now the mission to bring these Indian nurses back to India is handed over to the RAW head Shinoy Tiger. Tiger goes along with his confidante in his team, then Jaya Khan, who is also the special agent of Pak Intelligence Agency, arrives in Syria on the mission to save Pakistani nurses from the arrest of IS and Osman. Together with Ravi’s team and Zoya with Tiger, two people of the ISI are also here to help all of them. For nearly 25 years, the oil refinery works to bring laborers, but in fact it is also the agent of Raw. To see what happens to Jaya and Tiger’s mission, you will have to meet Tiger.

The whole film is on the shoulders of Salman. After a long time, Salman may be very happy to see his fences in this movie. The climax of the film, by removing Salman’s shirt, running a huge gun and running Stangun like Hollywood’s action star, can run magic on singlescreens. Katrina has no answer in Joe’s roll. Some action scenes filmed on them are quite good. Surely, Katrina has done a lot of homework for such a dangerous stunt scene. In the role of Rakesh’s role in other cast, Sajid has given a wonderful performance in the role of Kumud Mishra and terrorist gangster Usman. Girish Karnad is quite frozen in the role of Raw Chief. Director Ali Abbas Zafar has a good catch on the script. The speed of the film is very strong, which does not give you a moment to take a moment to scratch off the screen. Why not go after the interval, the climax of the movie has been dragged. In the nearly three-and-a-half-hour film, the family may not have enough family action. The hit of the movie has been hit before the music release. The filming of ‘Welcome everyone with swap’ is very strange.


Salman and Katrina have a good message in the film along with the strong chemistry and astonishing stunt action scenes. If you are a fan of Salman, then 100 percent of this movie will not disappoint you. At the same time, if you compare it with the first film or look at it by thinking something new, it may be upset. Yes, the climax of the film is such that Tiger is expected to come back once more.


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