Top 6 All the Rage Operating Systems


An operating system is system software that helps create a user-friendly working environment and technology equipment. Currently, there are many different operating systems in use. So, which OS for phones and computers is the most popular?

1. Android


Android OS is rated as the most popular mobile operating system today, accounting for more than 50% of users worldwide. Android is an open-source OS, built on the Linux platform.

Originally, Android was built and developed by Android Corporation with support from Google. In 2005, Google acquired the software and officially launched the Android in 2007.


  • Friendly and easy to use.
  • Open source, highly customizable.
  • Present on a variety of product lines of many technology brands.
  • The Google Play Store app is extremely massive.
  • It has multitasking capabilities.
  • Can run on many different devices like mobile, watch, TV, car or camera


  • Vulnerable to malware and viruses.
  • A large application store leads to difficult quality control.
  • The update is not automatic with all devices, there are devices that cannot be upgraded to a higher one, so new devices must be replaced.

2. iOS


Apple has built an OS that not only optimizes the hardware but also provides very high security. That is the iOS which is an operating systems exclusively for Apple phones, tablets, and iPods.

Currently, iOS accounts for more than 20% of the market for mobile phone OS and more than 40% of the market for tablet OSs. The iOS app store is also very large, serving up to the working and entertainment needs of users.


  • Stable platform.
  • The application on iOS works very smoothly.
  • Good reliability and high security.
  • Quick-update and abundant applications.


  • Data transfer needs to be via iTunes so it is inconvenient and time-consuming.
  • Customization is limited.
  • iOS only works on Apple’s proprietary technology devices.

3. Firefox


In addition to the great Firefox web browser, the Mozilla manufacturer has created a mobile operating system that resonates. It is the Firefox OS, based on the open-source Linux (the source of the android OS).

The most distinctive feature of Firefox OS is that it works based on open web standards such as HTML5 and JavaScript. In some Asian countries, it is very rare to see any technological device using Firefox OS, simply because the market has been held by Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.


  • Easy to use interface, looks like a harmonious combination between Android and iOS.
  • Firefox OS has very clever directories, able to collect applications and games according to each category, as well as the nature of the individual work that is developed.


  • The Firefox OS interface has borrowed quite a lot from iOS, often encountering many inadequacies because it relies heavily on the Home button (home screen).

4. Windows


Windows is an exclusive operating system of Microsoft Technology. Microsoft first introduced Windows 8 OS in 1985 with features and an extremely user-friendly graphical interface.

So far, the OS has evolved to Windows 10, becoming a unified platform for virtually all Microsoft operating system & devices such as PCs, tablets, smartphones, and smart wearable devices.


  • Support for touchable screens (Windows 8 or newer) makes operations quicker and easier.
  • High compatibility.
  • Has its own app store.
  • Security is not as comprehensive as Linux or Mac OS, but Microsoft still regularly provides users with security patches.
  • Support for more applications, better than other OSs.


  • Privacy restrictions.
  • Virus prevention should always be paid regular and complete updates.

5. Mac


The most popular operating system we want to recommend is Mac OS. Mac OS is an Apple-exclusive OS launched in 2001 with a stable version of 10.00 and a friendly interface.

Unlike Microsoft, Apple has created a unified ecosystem from hardware to software. With this optimization, Mac OS brings users the best experience. The advantage that Mac OS gives users is the long-term support from Apple.


  • Friendly, easier to use than the Windows OS.
  • High security.
  • High stability.


  • The number of applications is limited.
  • Only supported on Apple computers.
  • High price.

6. Linux


In addition to the monopoly of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS operating systems in the world, we still have an operating system that is quietly developing with specific features.

That is the Linux operating system was born in 1992. Today, Linux is divided into many branches such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, or Fedora … Although it is used less, Linux is still one of the most popular operating systems these days.


  • Free and open-source platform.
  • You will not have to spend money to buy and still use all the features on the Linux operating system.
  • Most malware cannot work on this operating system.
  • Allow users to freely edit, suitable for those who are interested in exploring new things.
  • Works smoothly on computers with weak configurations.
  • The operating system that developers prefer.


  • The number of supported applications is very limited.
  • Many manufacturers do not develop drivers that support the Linux operating system platform.
  • Hard to get used to.


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