Kaalakaandi Cast, Release Date, Trailer and Poster


Kaalakaandi Cast : Kaalakaandi is an upcoming 2018 Indian black comedy film starring Saif Ali Khan. This film is directed and written by Akshar Verma and is produced by Rohit Khattar and Asha Dua. The film is scheduled to release on January 12, 2018. After the defeat of his chef, Saif Ali Khan is back with the pointy Kaalakaandi. Due to sex and its implications and more than language and drugs, it is for the youth. This film can work in both ways: it can revive Saif’s fast failing career, or it may crash like his last few films, Phantom, Rangoon and Chef. Kala Kadak is cashing on lust and sex is a recipe for success to believe it is now a proper idea, because the producers hope that the young are related to such films. Except, Bollywood does it in overflow, and forgets about the main story and content. Just by saying, not only to the youth write in sex and drugs, filmmakers.

Kaalakaandi Cast | Trailer | Release Date

Kaalakaandi Release Date – 12 JAN 2018

Kaalakaandi Cast

  1. Saif Ali Khan
  2. Akshay Oberoi
  3. Isha Talwar
  4. Sobhita Dhulipala
  5. Kunaal Roy Kapur
  6. Deepak Dobriyal
  7. Vijay Raaz
  8. Amanda Rosario
  9. Shenaz Treasurywala
  10. 10.Nary Singh
  11. 11.Angela Krislinzki
  12. 12.Shivam Patil

Kaalakaandi Trailer –

At the beginning of the trailer, a doctor tells Saif that he has stomach cancer. After expressing their shock, they never drink cigarettes, doctors advise that whatever makes them happy. And there is an unusual reaction on Saif’s statement: “As long as my DKK closes, I am going to Jammu Kashmir.” This sets the tone for the rest of the trailer.

We kiss the extended shots of Kunal Kapoor with the Soviet dhulipala, which says that it will be “teaching the entire nation to Kamasutra”. And again, many shots of Akshay Oberoi have many women. There is a difference between these scenes, there are very attractive dialogues in context, and what do you think? Yes, sex. Sobhita after randomly kissing a man, Kunal asked him how he could do this. So says the clown, “It’s just acting. Like Imran Hashmi in the murder.” And we all know, what an Imran Hashmi-Murder reference means, that film made him the tag of the serial comers and gave Mallika Sherawat the status symbol of sex.

For Bollywood, this is clearly, of course, there was a time when filmmakers hesitated about sex and its context, and only a few dared to reach that path. Bollywood became more open, and not kept behind lover scenes. But now the filmmakers are desperate to use it as a selling point to generate interest in the audience. In essence, they make very hard efforts.

They believe that this young will immediately be associated with it, often in such films as 2, focuses on showing sex, half-clad women and kissing scenes, so that they forget that the story of a film is there. Oh wait, we do not forget Ranveer Singh’s apathy, which was to assemble a sex scene.

Movie maker, it’s great that you are open about sex in your films. But try to remember, is there a story too? Everyone said and done, we hope Saif’s film is a deep story and it comes back on track.

Kaalakaandi Song Review

The music is that sweets are sweet, and Saif Ali Khan’s upcoming film ‘Chef’ not only accepts this requirement, but also emerges with a sigh of hard work. Soundtrack John Cravan Menon’s coconut-fitting adaptation John Farvu’s chef is fully consistent with the subtlety of the story, are fully aware of its helpful purpose, never steal from the sequence on the screen.

Darmian: Lok Pratibha and Bollywood Crossover Raghu Dikshit Kronas This layered, intense number with a minimum number that eliminates the most ‘sad’ love songs. When seen with scenes, every step of the guitar and every rise and fall succeeds in killing an emotional note.

Darmayam is the winner of Chef’s most equally synchronous song and soundtrack.

Tere Mere: A variety of Armaan Malik for ‘Amal Malik-Shekhar’ is a precious little number called ‘Ter Mere’, which is probably the most enthusiastic and beautiful song in the film. Another emotionally complex and funny touch track, ‘Tere Mere’ shows a smart mix of Indian instruments in offset chorus by soft, cute verses.


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