How to check plagiarism of research papers easily


Plagiarism has become a headache for people belonging to various verticals in life. It is posed explicitly as a threat to academics. It is considered as an ethical and moral offense everywhere. Many renowned academic institutions have expressed their zero-tolerance policy against plagiarism for numerous times. People involved in plagiarism face disrespect everywhere because of their involvement in plagiarism.

The research paper is seen as important element in the academic career of students. Completion of a degree or certification is often connected with the successful submission of research papers. Students who are spotted being involved in plagiarism for a research paper have to face severe consequences. They are often rusticated and suspended from any type of academic activity for several years.

In this article, we will discuss the ways to write research papers that would be free of plagiarism and how a plagiarism checker could be helpful in avoiding plagiarism. More discussion about this topic is discussed in details below:

Methods to Write Plagiarism-free Research Papers:

Students should try to avoid any type of plagiarism in the research paper as much as possible. Writing a research paper could be a defining moment in any student’s academic and professional career. Therefore, writing a quality research paper needs proper research and dedication. Here are some methods from Assignment proofreading services on how to write a research paper that is totally free of plagiarism:

Paraphrase the Content before Adding it to Your Paper:

While researching the information relevant to your paper, you would come across content, which is worthy enough to be added to your research paper. Don’t try to work in haste, read the article or content again and again to memorize it. Now, it is time to add it to your paper.

Don’t try to write exactly like it is written in the source. The use of more than two words, like the source, would create difficulties for you. Therefore, it is essential to write the entire content in your own words. Clear your concepts about the topic and then try to write it on your own.

There is no need to worry if your writing is grammatically incorrect. Write it in your own words and then take the help of a grammar checker to rectify the grammatical and punctuation mistakes. Paraphrasing the content would help you a lot.

Use Proper Citation:

Using proper citations according to the recommended format is an important way to make your research paper unique. There are multiple renowned citation formats, your supervisor might choose any of them to be used in the research paper.

Some of the significant formatting methods are APA, Harvard, MLA, and Chicago. Make sure to get substantial knowledge about these formats before making citations in your research paper.

If you want to include your own work in previous work or class, you should use the citation for such type of content as well. Not doing this would make you involved in self-plagiarism, which is highly prohibited. This material should be treated in exactly the same way as you would do in the case of another writer.

Quote the Source Properly:

It is absolutely necessary to quote your source precisely in the same words. Remember, quoting in a wrong manner or in changed words is not taken lightly. A number of academic institutes allow quotation of a phrase of no more than 40 words.

To avoid the problems because of misquoting the source, a student should be proficient in paraphrasing the content. The paraphrasing process often consumes a considerable amount of time, the results of this process are productive though. This would also help you in avoiding the false allegations of plagiarism as well.

Citing a quote is even more difficult. This process requires proper reference to the source which might include a page number and paragraph number. Citing a quote from a webpage has its own set of problems. Therefore, it is better to paraphrase the content as much as possible.

Referencing Properly:

If you want to avoid plagiarism, one of the best ways to do it is by incorporating the page of reference or work cited at the bottom of the research paper.  The references should be according to the recommended format. The referencing information should include the title, source, author, and date of publication.

Cite your research paper in time:

A number of scholars like to add citations after the completion of the research paper, but this is a wrong approach. It could make things difficult for you. You might omit the sources which would land you in hot waters eventually.

The best practice is to cite the paper as you write. Pending the citation process till the finish of paper could easily lead you to be involved in plagiarism.

Manage your Time and Start the Work Earlier:

This is a very important step in writing a research paper. As a research paper needs plenty of hard work, research, and time. You should be able to manage your time correctly to execute the tasks properly without any haste.

A lot of students don’t take deadlines seriously and start working on research papers just before a week or less of deadline. This approach could easily urge students to copy and paste work and ignore citations that would eventually lead them to plagiarism allegations, which could be lethal for their academic and professional careers.

Role of Plagiarism Checker:

A plagiarism checker helps you effectively in avoiding the allegations of plagiarism and plagiarized paper. Students should make sure that they have validated their paper through a trustworthy plagiarism checker before submission of the paper to the instructor. Many universities also provide plagiarism checkers to the students for the validation process before submission. Students should make proper use of this tool, and try to make their research free of plagiarism.


Writing a research paper during the academic career for completion of graduation is a tricky task. Students should try to write plagiarism-free research papers to avoid allegations of plagiarism. Plagiarism allegations could land a student’s career in hot waters. People involved in plagiarism often face severe consequences like rustication and suspension from the educational process. We have discussed practical ways to write a non-plagiarized research paper. These methods include paraphrasing, proper citation, right quotation, detailed referencing, and time management. We have also discussed the role of a plagiarism checker in making your research paper free of plagiarism. We hope this information would be helpful for you in the successful submission of research papers in the near future. Remember, Plagiarism is an ethical and moral offense!


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