What makes TV weddings click for viewers?


For many girls who grew up watching Indian television, the weddings shown in TV serials have set the golden standard for them. The massive pandal sets, the decor and most importantly, the lovely outfits that the bride and the groom wear are like #weddinggoals. For example, I was revisiting the wedding sequence from Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi serial where there are three weddings taking place at the same time. Looking at the colorful, ornamented sarees and lehengas, I felt overwhelmed by the spectacle. But for those who always thought what makes TV weddings click for the audiences, I decided to go through with this article. 

Larger than life appeal

For most families, weddings are the biggest events of their lives. Days, sometimes even months, of preparations, goes into creating the dream day for the bride and groom. However, unless you are crazy rich, the wedding tends to be a scaled-down version of the weddings we see on TV. I mean, just look at their massive sets and the eye-catching outfits were worn by everyone in these shows. Be it Kumkum Bhagya, Guddan Tum Se Na Payega or any other TV show airing today, the festivities fit the ‘big fat Indian wedding’ description. 

Special Sangeet sequences

Before every wedding, there is a sangeet. While we all love the song-dance environment in our real weddings, the reel ones take it the fun quotient up a notch. Characters from the show take up beautifully choreographed dance numbers that are a treat to watch. In some cases, I find the TV sangeets to be better than the ones featured in movies. 

Fun Crossover Possibilities

In the past, TV weddings have proved that they can be excellent opportunities to try out an interesting crossover between two shows from the network. The most common scenario that I have come across in TV shows is – characters from one shows are guests at the wedding of another show’s character/characters. These crossovers lead to really interesting moments ranging from fun to intense. There are times when the guest characters are seen dancing their heart out. But there are also times where they trigger a massive twist in the latter show. Either way, crossovers ensure complete entertainment for viewers. 

The Emotional Graph

Apart from being the grand occasion it is, a wedding is the initiation of marriage after all. This moment holds a lot of emotional impact. Hence, at the end of these wedding ceremonies, the show makers focus on intensifying the emotional graph of the moment. They could play an incredibly romantic song or they stage the moment in such a way that you are left completely emotional. This is one moment in TV weddings that grounds itself in reality, just like it should be. 

So, those were our views on TV weddings and their connection with the audience. In case you wish to look back at some of these weddings, you could check out the ones from the ZEE network on ZEE5. With all episodes from all their shows available on the platform, watching those episodes should be really easy.


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