Boney Kapoor to make a documentary on the late sridevi


Boney Kapoor to make a documentary on the late sridevi:

Boney Kapoor

Boney Kapoor is soon planning to make a documentary film based on the life of Sridevi. Planning for this film has also been started. Boney Kapoor and his family are in shock since the death of Sridevi. Recently Jahnavi Kapoor wrote a post saying that he and his sister Happi lost their mother but their father Bonni lost his ‘life’. Boney Kapoor is deeply shocked by the death of Sridevi, and it is because of his memory that he is going to make a film in his memory.

Boney Kapoor will make Sridevi’s film special

According to media reports, Boni has been making this film special in every way by Sridevi. In this film, he will use the true voice of Sridevi With this, he will use many real video footage related to Sridevi’s life in the film. In Sridevi’s documentary, many things related to his life will be revealed, which no one knows about yet. In this way, after watching this film, many confusion of people associated with Sridevi’s life will be broken.

Shekhar Kapoor handed over directing command

Boney Kapoor chose ShekharKapur to direct the film. Shekhar had directed Sridevi’s hit film Mr. India. Now he is going to direct himself to the documentary film on Sridevi’s life.

In February 24, Bollywood’s famous actress Sridevi passed away. Sridevi was 54 years old. They breathed their last in Dubai. His body came to India on February 28 after a long process. His last rites were performed in Mumbai.

Even if Bollywood’s first woman superstar has said goodbye to this world, but she will always be alive on our screen. On one side, where the popular director of Bollywood, Ram GopalVarma has given a hint to make a biopic with Sridevi, on the other hand, it is reported on the other side that Boney Kapoor will use his original voice in this documentary based on the life of Sridevi.

RamgopalVerma had a tweet after Sridevi’s death, which seems to be indicative of this point. According to the reports, Bonnie Kapoor will use the original video and real footage of Sridevi’s life. There will be some facts about Sridevi in ​​this film which will not be known yet. Many types of people break the frailty.

Sridevi was not formed by Jaya Prada, Jitendra raised these steps to get the reconciliation

At the age of four, Sridevi showed her acting as a child actor in the Tamil film Muruga in 1967. After this, in 1975, he worked as a child actor in the Bollywood film Julie. Born on August 13, 1965 in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu. From childhood he started acting.

Sridevi’s sudden demise is not only his family, but his whole Bollywood career. The news of the demise of Sridevi who could not believe his ears could not believe. After the demise of Sridevi, Boney Kapoor has given the statement for the first time on the night of 24th February 2018. Boney Kapoor has told all the things that night in his conversation with his friend and film critic KomalNahta. After talks with Boney Kapoor, KomalNahata wrote a blog in this regard and posted it on his official Twitter account.

Boney Kapoor said that his trip to Dubai in 2018 was unscheduled and it was exactly like the 1994 Bangalore trip. Boney Kapoor said that Sridevi had stopped staying in Dubai to shop for his elder daughter Jahnavi Kapoor and I had returned. ‘Nahta wrote in the blog that Boney Kapoor told in the conversation that on February 24, Sridevi calls him Talking about Missing them, in response to which Bonnie also talked about Missing them, but Boney did not tell Sridevi that they are reaching Dubai to meet him.

It is being told that in this documentary film, Original Video and Real footage of Sridevi’s life can be used. After Sridevi’s death, Boney Kapoor wants to fulfill his every desire. On Tuesday (March 6th), he celebrated the birthday of his daughter Jahnavi Kapoor in the same fashion as Sridevi wanted.

The entire country, including his family, is immersed in the atmosphere of gum due to the death of Bollywood’s famous actress Sridevi. It is difficult for his family to overcome their shock. Although her husband Bonnie Kapoor celebrated the 21st Birthday of Jahnavi Kapoor in the same way as Sridevi wanted.


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