Reasons to Build a Career of an Azure Data Engineer through Taking Microsoft DP-200 Exam and Practice Tests



The Azure data engineer job role is among the most demanded positions today. This stems from the fact that success in any enterprise requires an appropriate collection of data to help in driving better decisions for businesses. And with the increase in cloud computing, demand for these specialists is not coming down anytime soon. The Azure landscape provided by Microsoft ensures that you prepare yourself with these skills required most in the IT world. By beginning your journey with Microsoft DP-200 Exam, you will eventually achieve this feat.

This means that with Visit Certbolt Home Page Here Certbolt alongside DP-201, you will earn the Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate badge and become an Azure data engineer. This role-based credential falls within the Associate category, which comes after the Fundamentals level and before the Expert one. Thus, the purpose of this post today is to show you why the Microsoft DP-200 exam is beneficial to you. Let us first share the key particulars of this assessment.

Microsoft DP-200 Particulars

The aforementioned badge associated with the ‘Implementing an Azure Data Solution’ certification exam is role-based and is designed following the job roles and the market needs. Skills in data implementation such as provisioning storage services for data, streaming and batch data ingestion, data transformation, security implementation, and data retention policies implementation, and more are critical for the Azure data engineer role. And these are some of the skills that ExamSnap DP-200 measures.

Learning and mastering these domains is essential for the assessment made up of 40-60 items that a candidate must complete within 150 minutes. The exam questions can be in different formats including build lists, best answer, active screen, multiple choice, case study, and active screen. Achieve 700 points and more in the two exams and you’ll be awarded the badge. The cost of registering for DP-200 is $165.

This is the best time to make a decision to go for this Microsoft assessment. What’s more, with support from Microsoft’s preparation resources and those from other test prep platforms, your goal will be achievable. So, why should you go for DP-200? Of what benefit would its related certification bring you? This is what we intend to help you discover next.

Reasons to Pass Exam DP-200

Since organizations and businesses have increased their adoption of cloud services for Microsoft Azure, there is a growing demand for application development and services for cloud infrastructure management. The Microsoft DP-200 exam is, therefore, important in these ways:

  • Exciting career opportunities

Businesses prefer to develop their applications using the Azure platform since through it they can access the required tools as well as discounted prices. Also, the shift of workloads to the cloud by businesses means more opportunities for specialists. As a Microsoft certified Azure data engineer, you will have an exciting career that associates you with millions of Microsoft’s customers all over the world. You can easily land in a company that allows you to showcase your skills learned during training as well as the certification process.

  • Structured learning

The learning methodology applied by the vendor enables you to easily access different tools such as Github, Hadoop, and more. And since they are not hard to learn, candidates who are interested can adapt quickly to the Azure platform. It is also possible for new candidates to enhance their learning paths through Azure technology by following a learning process that is easy and concise. And with the available online courses, study guides, and practice tests from sites like, you can easily grasp the theory as well as the practical aspects of the Microsoft Azure services.

  • Higher salaries

Access to higher salaries is another reason to pass DP-200 and the second exam. This comes as a result of better recognition in the job market. As a specialist who is certified in Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Associate, your credential represents the relevant skills you possess. The demand for specialists with cloud computing skills has led to better compensation when compared to other employees from other fields of IT. According to ZipRecruiter, an Azure data engineer earns $130,833 annually.

  • Room for career development

The Microsoft Azure space offers a progressive plan for anyone who wishes to advance their skills. Once you earn the Azure Data Engineer Associate badge, you can proceed to any of the Expert level credentials covering professional tracks such as a DevOps engineer, architect, and developer.

  • Demonstrates commitment

Your prep to gain Microsoft Azure skills needs dedication and an improvement in your capabilities. Achieving the certification demonstrates your willingness to stay committed until the goal is achieved. It shows how you can do anything using your resources and time to achieve an objective you set before you.

How to Prepare with Practice Tests to Do Well in Your Microsoft DP-200 Exam?

If you are to enjoy these above-mentioned benefits, you have to work with the resources that bring out your capabilities. Some of them are training courses, hands-on labs, study guides, and practice tests. Remember not to underestimate the value that comes with scheduling your studies and ensuring that you work with the appropriate plan.

While in each step of your prep process, make it a habit to test how you are getting on with the test topics. Utilize websites such as offering you exam DP-200 mock tests. There are free vce files for Microsoft DP-200 Exam as well as the premium mock which you can download from their platform. The premium expert-validated DP-200 practice test is part of the Premium Bundle coming at a cost of $34.99. Inside this package there is also a video course divided into 69 lectures. However, to run the practice tests from purchase and install the VCE Exam Simulator that can mimic the setting of the real assessment.


The path leading to achieving the Microsoft certification in Azure Data Engineer Associate must be understood. Make sure you have a clear idea of what it takes to pass the two relevant exams including the Microsoft DP-200. You also must be fully aware of how you can utilize study materials such as reliable practice tests from to acquire Azure expertise. Besides the profound skills being necessary for passing this test, you also must know how they will profit you during job interviews and in your job role once you are employed. Make the best out of the available time for prep if you wish to get certified and enjoy these benefits!



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