List of Top Five Online Converters



Have you ever faced a situation that the format of the file sent to you by your boss or client is not compatible with your system? And you have faced many fruitless hours trying to find a solution to this

Well, one can use these online converters for free, and they are so simple that one easily use them, and it also save their time as well.

We have compiled a list of some of the top five online converters.

The top five online converters are:

The Five Best Online Converters


This file converter is the best example of a file converter. The main aspect of this file converter is that it is free. Some of the main features of this online converter are:

  • The conversion is both free and speedy
  • The privacy of the clients is assured
  • It supports more than 300+formats
  • It can convert various types of file formats; archive, DOC, PPT, E-BOOK, drawing, Image, Audio, Video, etc.

For those who want the best features in an online converter, one should opt for this file converter. For those who want a more exquisite experience, can go for the premium version as well. Some of the main features of this file converter are:

  • This file converter is quite famous for supporting all of the format types; Document, audio, video, E-books, PDF, images, archives, etc
  • Speedy conversion while maintaining excellent quality
  • Privacy and complete discretion from this website is guaranteed to customers
  • One can opt for the Premium version to take more out of this amazing online converter after 24-hour.

Wait, have you heard of Evano?

Not yet? Don’t be lazy go check it Evano now.

This is another great online converter. Some of the main features of this converter are:

  • It can convert all types of video formats
  • One can use the URL of the video and directly convert it
  • It is available for free
  • It supports all the social media sharing


This is another one of the best online converters. This file converter is considered as the best video/audio converter. Some of the main features of this file converter are:

  • It supports many video/audio formats; MP4, WAV, MP3, AAC, WMA, etc
  • It also supports files from the social media websites; YouTube, DailyMotion, Instagram, Facebook, etc
  • It also has a lot of video editing features like rotating, cropping, cutting, etc
  • It also allows one to download the converted file directly on the computer or on the cloud.

Do you know? Ontiva is one of the best MP3 converters.


This is one of the best online converters. Some of the main features of this free converter are:

  • It supports almost all types of conversions; DOC, PPT, audio, video, image, archive, webpage converter, video converter, etc
  • There is no need for registration
  • It supports up to 2048MB of file size

Completely free, but in order to have a connoisseur experience, one can use the subscription as well



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