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Who has never needed to convert PDF to JPG or vice versa? You may need a tool to transform the image from an important document to a PDF file. After all, this can be part of the registration of some sites to work from home, for example.

Another possibility is having to do the online converter to make the photo of a presentation made in the classroom into a readable PDF, which can be accessed by these audio PDF readers.

There are several uses for this type of conversion. Using some websites and apps made especially for this! These pages allow you to convert without the need for programming skills. Just send the file, wait for the conversion, and download the document in the desired format.

To help you find reliable websites and apps, we have put together a few tools that you can access both from your computer and your Android or iOS phone.

Ever needed an image to PDF file converter and ended up getting frustrated? Then check out our list below and test which of these solutions is best for you!

Top Online PDF File Converters - 2pdf

  1. is one of the best online converter sites as they offer to merge, compress, split PDF files for free. You can easily convert office documents to PDFs, JPG to PDF, PDF to JPG without downloading the software.

It is completely free and very easy to use. You just need to drag your files and drop onto the site and select the actions you need to perform – That’s it!

  1. iLovePDF:

The most complete platform among the options of websites and applications to convert JPG to PDF. ILovePDF comes with a set of tools.

In addition to converting an image to the document in the format most used to share documents, iLovePDF, you can also join several PDFs into one or do the reverse. That is, split a file into several.

Other features include converting Microsoft Office files to PDF or vice versa. It is also possible to have PDF files converted to JPG.

  1. Smallpdf:

Like iLovePDF, SmallPDF is also a complete platform for converting JPG to PDF. It also brings several other tools to convert your files to PDF or the other way around. Also, you can convert your PDF into several other documents in the Office suite.

Smallpdf is also one of the few to allow PDF editing. You can also rotate, delete specific pages, add or remove passwords and even digitally sign a PDF.

  1. PDFelement Pro:

If you don’t trust any online converter and prefer the software to install on your computer, PDFelement Pro is the best option. Like the tools shown before, the features of this program are also extensive.

You can use it to convert images to PDF and vice versa. It is allowing you to use PDF readers to read them more easily. It is also compatible with files from the main Office suite programs.

PDFelement Pro is compatible with both Windows and Apple Mac computers.

  1. PDFCandy:

Going back to online platforms to convert JPG to PDF we have PDFCandy. As with the other options, the conversion is just one of several tools available to those who work with these files frequently.

In addition to the compatibility to convert images to PDF and vice versa, PDFCandy also converts to other image formats, including TIFF and PNG. This site is ideal for those working with apps like Canva to create images with phrases or circle the Instagram photo, among others.

You can also convert documents created in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.


Similar to other tools, the purpose of Free PDF Convert is to convert your files easily and quickly. This online converter tool allows you to convert images to PDF and vice versa, in addition to documents created in Microsoft Office or OpenOffice programs.

In addition to them, FreePDFconvert also allows you to convert files in the format of eBooks.

  1. Document Cyborg:

This online converter platform allows you to transform any web page hosted on the Internet into a text or PDF file. To do this, enter the portal URL and select the final conversion format. After this, the document will be downloaded to the device and can be used, from that moment without being connected to the network. It also has a tool that performs the same process with images.

  1. JPG2PDF:

Closing our list with the best sites and applications to convert JPG to PDF is JPG2PDF. Simple and straightforward, you can now upload your images to convert the moment you open the page.

In addition to images, it also converts Microsoft Office documents and other image formats in addition to JPG. One of its main advantages is the possibility of sending several files at once, making the job easier.


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