What is the Chinese Coronavirus – and Should We Be Worried?


corona virus

Over the past few weeks, a new and potentially fatal disease has begun to grip China.  The condition, thought to be a strain of deadly coronavirus, is already claiming lives in the East.  As news outlets report on the story, many people are starting to worry about whether or not it will affect them.

As with any news regarding the outbreak of disease, it is important to stay calm.  The Chinese coronavirus, as outlets refer to it, maybe new – but authorities are working hard to protect those who may be at risk.

It is vital that we understand the facts.  What is the Chinese coronavirus, and should we worry?

Where Did the Virus Outbreak Start?

Sources suggest that the city of Wuhan, in Hubei, China, saw the first cases emerge.  It appears that people diagnosed with pneumonia around the region may have been at risk from the disease.  However, research is still ongoing, and insight is expected to continue rolling forward.

As the epicentre appears to be China, many people visiting from overseas are worrying.  Some restrictions are already coming into play to protect people flying in and out of China.

At the time of writing, more than 100 people have died from the disease, with work continuing to stem further cases.

Many people worry that the outbreak will curb their daily life.  Will the virus stop them from enjoying everyday activities, looking up cricket betting tips, and enjoying time with friends and family?  It may be too early to say quite where the outbreak will end.

corono virus

What Are the Symptoms of the Chinese Coronavirus?

Coronaviruses generally spread as though they are cold viruses.  Therefore, people can expect similar symptoms.  This strain of the virus provides severe coughing, fever and breathing problems.

A coronavirus can spread through close contact with infected people.  It even transfers across animals, meaning that pets can fall ill with infections.  Good prevention against spreading the condition can include avoiding people at risk and practicing good hygiene.

Should We Worry?

At the time of writing, the mortality toll for the disease is rising.  However, experts believe that the disease may be weaker than that of SARS, which broke out in the East almost 20 years ago.  The death toll for SARS rose to nearly 800 people.  Around 8,000 people, overall, fell ill from SARS.

Experts suggest that Chinese coronavirus can spread from person to person.  China remains the epicenter of the disease, but cases in Europe are currently under quarantine.  Right now, there is no vaccine in place for the strain.  However, checks are ongoing at country borders.

At this time, it is important not to worry or panic.  Health authorities around the globe are working to prevent the virus from spreading any further across additional countries.  Many nations already have services set up to approach the condition.  Therefore, everyday people can rest easy, at least for now.

News is very much unfolding on this topic, meaning it is important to pay attention to new medical advice as soon as it arises.



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