Revenge: The Road to Justice – Abhay 2


Abhay 2 Review: Centered on Wicked Crime Thrills by Real World Villains, the Series is an Excellent Script Supported by Jaw-Dropping Direction and Is a Worthy Binge.

‘Justice will be served.’

This time in a strategized thrilling manner.

ZEE 5 is back with a set of enthralling murder mysteries serving cold shivers.

Introducing a series of thrilling crime mysteries executed by socio and psychopaths, the web series aptly reciprocates the worst possible dark side of the real world. Depicting them as genuine regular people as your milkman, or the shopkeeper you regularly visit, the story flawlessly resonates with the real life of the common man.


Season 2 of Abhay, is an inverted detective story, a howcatchem.

The revival of season 1, Abhay keeps hunting the criminals by solving enigmas. The trademark of his character, his novelty, and ingenuity are taken to the edge revealing the hidden side of him.

Inspired from the real-life events Abhay 2, a crime thriller, perfectly platters the darkest edge of the human mind and the sacrificing sufferings for justice.

The story is an exceptional battle between his morality and vulnerability, that tests every thin strand of his virtue and ethics.

Will he fall to it or come incorruptible? Will he be able to outwit the obscure villain?

An Array of Gruesome Crimes:

Defining the new limits of insensitivity and crime, the season is a spree of breathtaking events.

The first episode features Chunkey Pandey as a two-faced psychopath. His violent act of smashing people’s heads and swallowing the brain soup with an evil satisfaction can make your legs tremble with terror.

The second episode documents the story of a lustful and titillating murderer played by Bidita Bag. Embracing the real struggles and cryptic past of prostitution, the story is a set of revenge murders.

Episode 3 showcases the murder binge initiated by a doctor in the journey to make his own Frankenstein.

Episode 4 is inspired by the story of a police inspector turned into a cross-dressing killer. The cop commits sexual assaults and kills women, wearing their lingerie. For the sake of his mother’s old ritual to live youthfully, he initiates a series of frightful murder crimes.

The fifth episode is a story of a 20-year old schizophrenic girl who falls victim to child marriage with a pedophile. Her channelized hatred against men propels her to kill men as revenge for her past.

The appalling character of a homophobic killer features Raghav Juyal as a mechanical engineer. The 6th episode exposes the social aspects of homosexuality being portrayed in a thrilling raw way that represents homosexuality as a sin.

The Concept in a Nutshell

Abhay, played by Kunal Khemu, is a gutsy police superintendent. He is a man of his ethics and morals.

On a hunt for criminal psycho and sociopaths, he encounters a mysterious antagonist, Ram Kapoor.

This enigmatic evil turns his world upside down. Trapping him in a maze of vulnerability and corruption, that questions Abhay’s morality.

The story progresses with solving heinous murder mysteries influenced by real-life events and ultimately reveals the occult aspect of Abhay.

Besides all the wicked games, he fights them and emerges incorruptible.

The story depicts blood and gore along with humans in the gravest evil state of mind. The storyline is influential and petrifying at the same time, mimicking the reality of the iniquitous world.

The Ensemble Cast and Characters:

  1. Kunal Khemu: Abhay Pratap Singh

Abhay Pratap Singh, Superintendent of Police is a valiant mastermind cop smashing the edgy criminal minds.

This time he is back to outwit a more wicked mastermind, a mysterious antagonist.

2. Ram Kapoor: The mysterious antagonist

A horrid criminal that outstands the plans and intelligence of Abhay Pratap Singh. A strong character of the story which captivates interest with his wickedness.

3. Chunky Pandey: The 2 faced criminal

A psychopath who crashes genius heads and gulps down the brain soup.

4. Raghav Juyal: The Homophobic Killer

Apart from the tag of a charming chocolate boy personality, Raghav Juyal is heeded in a completely different zone. His captivating drama as a criminal is must-watch stuff.

5. Asha Negi: The journalist

6. Nidhi Singh: A recruit in the Lucknow STF

7. Bidita Bag: The lustful murderer

What and Why to Watch:

Abhay is back to deal gruesome crime mysteries committed by the vicious villains in a grand outlook.

The story brings the concept of ‘revenge for justice’ into play. That is again an occult reality. The characters are focused to initiate a series of murders to seek justice.

The web series with engross yet gripping script constraints to binge-watch this chilling crime thriller.

The meticulous direction blankets the deepest and darkest aspects of the criminal mind.

The versatile cast with twisted characters completely justifies their roles. The scheming expressions and impeccable acting skills plot a well-rendered and gripping storyline.

If you are gutsy enough to accept the brutal mindsets of real-life villains, the story holds gems for you.


Category: A

Language: Hindi

Genre: Crime Thriller


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