How to find the client for freelance transcription?


When you start your journey as a freelance transcriptionist, there are a lot of ebbs and tides that you must face. A lot of freelance transcriptionists that have quit freelancing world even before they have tried and tested all the things that are required to be done as a freelance transcriptionist.

Well, it is true that a freelance transcriptionist will certainly come across a lot of difficulties when compared to a full-time employee. If you want to achieve satisfaction in your life, becoming a freelancer is certainly going to fulfil the dream.

However, to earn money as a freelancer, you certainly have to be smart and intelligent. Competition is one of two main things that dominate the freelancing industry, and every individual that you come across is going to be selfish, and they would be waiting for an opportunity to get clients.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to becoming a freelancer in the world of transcription, it is mandatory to stay ahead of the other people and also the entire competition. In order for that, you must understand the different ways of getting clients as a freelance transcriptionist and search for Freelance transcription jobs at dormzi and other online platforms.

We have highlighted some of the main points that every freelance transcriptionist can incorporate in their working style in order to get a good number of clients in their career as a freelancer. Reading through these things will certainly help you when you launch yourself as a transcriptionist in the freelance industry.

  1. Keep your eyes open

When you register your profile on any of the freelancing websites, you must not let it become stagnant. There has to be some activity every single day on the profile. The clients would only interact with those freelance transcriptionists that are active. It is also important that you keep bidding for projects whether or not you get them right for the first time, unless and until you have good observation skills and an eye for detail it becomes extremely difficult for you to find the clients in the freelance industry due to heavy competition.

  1. Keep bidding for projects

Thenumber of projects you bid the better your chances to get them. If you just bid upon a single project and wait for the response from the client, you might definitely not get it as expected. The client’s mind in the freelance industry works completely different from that of the other industries.

A majority of clients would be looking for affordable transcriptionists. Although you have a tremendous amount of skill sets, your chances of getting a project can become bleak if the rates are higher. In order to get more number of assignments, keep bidding on projects continuously on any freelance website at an affordable rate.

professional portfolia

  1. Create a compelling portfolio

Even when you are uploading your profile or portfolio on a freelance website, it is highly essential to make it extremely attractive and impressive. Remember to include all the technical skill sets and the other relevant details that are required for you to get the project. You must always create your portfolio thinking like a client, and that is the key to get more number of projects.

  1. Start bidding contacts

There are several ways as freelancers that you can establish your connection. Unless and until you start building on your contacts, it becomes extremely difficult to start getting assignments or clients, especially in the freelance industry.

  1. Attend events

If there is any event related to transcription happening in and around your area or close by to where you live, go ahead and attend them. These are the places where you will certainly come across likeminded people.

When you’re walking into any such events, remember to carry your portfolio along with your business card. If you strike a conversation with anybody, hand over both the portfolio and the business card and they would certainly think about you when they have a requirement.

  1. Get your own website

Having your own website with good SEO is also one of the major means of getting a client in the transcription world. You have to make an initial investment in order to get an attractive website done with proper search engine optimisation.

With proper SEO, the ranking of your website is definitely going to be better than the other websites, and the clients would definitely find you faster than anybody else when they have a requirement.

how to start blogging

  1. Start blogging

When you have a website, you can use that space to create compelling blogs related to the transcription industry. You can also choose to become a guest author on any other transcription websites that it encourages blog writers to publish their work. You could also make use of some of the professional networks to publish your work.

These are some of the ways that can help you to find clients quickly. Applying all these tips can make you a better freelance transcriptionist.


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