Your One-Stop Solution For Going Digital!


As the digital platform has become more insistent among businesses, there has been a rush among people to have a digital storefront for merchants & customers. In the pre-COVID era, there have been many businesses that survived without going online, but the lockdown restrictions have made the business owners re-think & review their strategies. Some of the businesses have to turn down their shutters due to a lack of customers. So, to save their startups, many thought of going digital. There have been various startups who required online space to survive in the e-commerce era. There are many digital platforms that help you make an online dukaan in India.

About the Digital Apps

Such apps support commercial establishments, entrepreneurs, grocery shop owners, and homepreneurs to launch their store digitally & at the click of a few buttons. These companies have understood the need to go online while promoting the sale of businesses. They provide their own e-commerce platform. Through such apps, one can easily leverage their sales. Digital Dukaan lets you create your digital dukaanfor free. So, one doesn’t need to pay anything extra for creating your own shop.

Through the’make an online store in India initiative, you can not only boost your sales but create a reputation among your customers. These apps have everything one needs to start selling online. It connects you to your customers in a unique way. All you need to do is enter your business details like business name, phone number & other details and get started by uploading your products online. It works similar to an e-commerce store. Plus, you can share your product catalogue on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Plus, you get your own domain name for your business. Let’s take a look below why you should invest your time in this app.

Reasons to use such apps as your e-commerce platform

Here are a few reasons to invest time in these apps:-

  • One can create an online portfolio with this app &make an online store in India at no extra cost
  • You can create and share your catalogue with different people through social media
  • You can use various online payment options
  • Efficiently manages orders
  • It supports government campaigns like ‘Vocal For Local’ & ‘Make in India.’
  • For every order, you get new notifications, so one doesn’t miss on orders
  • You can deliver the products at home, get it homepicked, or at a store
  • It provides secured payment options
  • From grocery to jewelry, everything can be sold online
  • Doesn’t charge any commission on orders
  • Further it also keeps an account of all the orders and tracks your sales.

Create online store app free& boost your daily sales.

Such apps are useful for everyone, whether you have a local grocery shop or startups. They are your one-stop solution for going digital. You will be able to go digital and leverage your sales with this e-commerce app at zero cost. So, go get your digital store now!


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