WhatsApp Beta: New Support for PDFs and Documents


We have not too long ago managed to see how WhatsApp Beta could see small changes designed to give us the ability to mark certain messages as if they were favorites and ensuring that any smartphone or tablet with Android will feature a section where no one would be stored, but where the search would be much easier if what we mentioned is to have a better record of what we kept. And so we have come to see in this new opportunity, it seems that has not been all that this latest update supports up to Root Android Chino has shown, but also others who have either come to appreciate in previous rumors pointing to make it easier to send messages with certain information from the user, especially one that makes the length of the messages themselves are not a problem and simply changing certain users ofWhatsApp Beta have managed to stand out.


WhatsApp Beta with Support Documents

And while it seems to have gone unnoticed, some users have noted that the details related to documents has finally made this result even if to a lesser extent.After several rumors that leaks we’ve seen of thisAndroid application , it seems that one of the latest test versions has been present at the scene has begun to reveal some changes oriented implementations.

So that we can find with the first support for sending files and the ability to mark messages as favorites and we have well outlined above.

In this way we will achieve have been seen as PDFs and a limited amount of document formats have been present in sending files between users, ensuring that we can now send a larger content in our sessions.

Although obviously sent function is not the only thing we can find to use in our Android , as we also mentioned one dedicated to navigate between received it a more pleasant task.

This fine comes as a thought in search through the list of those who have received a better way, especially because we will aim to find the document you want more easily.

Obviously, we can also see the ability to highlight certain messages as bookmarks in a new section for a search for them, but it is one that we have already achieved noted above.

Users wishing to take advantage of recent changes WhatsApp Beta may as well get APK for download and installation at no cost in a model with Android , even if it is a Kingroot Root APK as a model.


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