Ludicrous Humor and Comical Jest: Funny Facts That Will Make Your Stomach Hurt and Your Jaw Suffer in Pain


Funny Facts : It is not wrong to take a break and laugh from time to time. Since laughing on funny facts fills not only you with positivity and joy but is also exercise. Well, believe it or not, smiling takes 43 muscles to form a smile, thus strengthening your muscles. But enough of that. The thing is, learning never stops, and even laughing, you get to experience the jolting effect of facts that will make your lips curve.

We are all surrounded by oddly amazing things and wonderful features. Some of these are wildly amazing and hilarious. Facts like carrots can turn your skin color to orange, or the body of Lara Croft in PS1 has some disproportions. Whatever it is, you must keep in mind that the most crucial thing in life is positive energy. Radiate it and keep spreading it to everyone. 

A sly smile could never kill. A shy giggle could never hurt someone. So, if at some point you feel so blue and everything around you is wilting, it is vital to give yourself some fun and laugh at the facts that illustrate and depict funny news, quirky pop culture, and eccentric human behavior. Let yourself shower and bask in the light of joy and happiness, stretch that jaw, and do not forget to breathe because this will surely blow you out.

I Write The Songs

Most of the people recognize the dazzling and superb vocals of the American singer, musician, producer, and actor Barry Manilow. With his career spanning for 50 years racking up hit song after another, it is visible that he is not a stranger to the industry. 

One of his famous songs titled, ‘I Write the Songs’ that makes tons of hearts melting in awe harbors funny facts, and the biggest irony involved in it is that he did not write it. Bruce Johnston wrote it. That is why Barry Manilow confessed that every time he hears this song in public, he goes into explanation mode, defending that he is really not singing about himself in that matter.

Suing God

You might find it silly, but the thing about it is it is a fact. Yes, you have read that correctly, there are people who are trying to sue God. It sounds like some random fabricated or somewhat invented facts, but there are people who filed lawsuits are against God.

Some reasons for it are, you better prepare yourself with these wild and outrageous claims. It quotes in cases ranging from the act of negligence, failing to drive away from the Devil, and keeping it away from people and other outlandish harmful actions that they claimed God did.

Dolly Parton Losing to a Dolly Parton Look Alike

It may be hard to believe, but it is a fact that Dolly Parton herself lost to a Dolly Parton look alike. You might roll on your floor, catching your breath, but yes, this incident happened. A contest that transpired in the San Francisco club held a contest, and Dolly Parton entered as a Dolly Parton look alike.

Dolly Parton exaggerated some of her features with makeup, which somehow got to hide some of her characteristics. Thus, ending up successfully disguising herself—too successfully that out of all contestants, she receives the least amount of applause. The funny thing about it is she lost to a drag queen in a Dolly Parton look-alike contest.

The Dog Ate the Draft

We are now all well aware of one of the most legendary reasons when you have not made your assignment or requirement, and it is time to pass. You would whip out the classic, “the dog ate my homework.” But did you know that the esteemed and respected author John Steinbeck known its classic and iconic novel The Grapes of Wrath and his keen social notions and benevolent humor experienced that incident?

His classic novel, Of Mice and Men, almost did not see the light of the day and make it to the publisher and thus deprived us and took away the wonder of that story, and did you know why? Because his dog ate the first draft of his novel. The novel also has a dog that depicts the fate that awaits someone who outlasts its purpose.

Kissing Burns Calories

Are you having a hard time getting out of the couch? Too tired, too exhausted to do any form of exercise? Well, I may have a sound solution to that problem. Did you know that kissing burns those calories in your body? During a passionate smooching and kissing, you burn two calories a minute. 

Not bad, right? So, what are you waiting for? Get that kissing buddy of yours and start burning those calories. Anyway, it is still essential to have a healthy lifestyle. Try to get some sun and cover your body in sweat.


Knowledge is everywhere if you just know where to find them. As they say, laughter is the best medicine you can take. These fun facts will not only fill you up with learnings but also make you healthier and fill your appetite with some silly yet amusing facts.


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