Top Money Management Apps to Help You Get a Handle on Personal Finance


Everyone wishes to save some money for the rainy days of their lives. Regular savings can also result in financial conquests such as healthy credit, self-owned car, home ownership and more. But how can one go about cultivating good money management habits? Earlier people used to do this by regular balancing of a cheque books. With the constantly rising popularity of online banking and payments, majority of people simply check their bank balances and think that’s enough.

One of the better ways of managing money these days is with the help of personal finance apps. In this short article, we will acquaint you with few such top-rated money management apps that can help you significantly in getting a handle on your personal finances. Additionally, here you will find more apps to help you further in this regard.


Monefy is a personal finance management app which basically serves as the digital version of checkbook balancing activity. All you require to do is launch the application, input your expenses and tap on the ‘Add’ button. As soon as you do that, your financial data gets synced across multiple devices with the help of Dropbox. You can make use of default or customisable categories. What really sets this app apart is its visual appeal and ease of usage. Cute graphics, attractive colours and fun fonts do with the monotony of managing one’s finances. The availability of graphs makes expenses easy to understand as well as analyse. It has support for multiple currencies too.


Rated as amongst the best all-round personal finance applications in the market today, Mint is an intuitive and slick app which has scored an almost perfect customer rating on the app stores. Its user-friendly interface enables you to create easy budgets by linking to directly with the savings and checking accounts. All the transactions and balances get automatically registered, and you can get a better view of it all through pie charts, savings goals and budget builders. There are several options available for bill reminders, bill payments and customisations as well. To top it all, the application offers customised tips on credit score improvement and savings. Here’s an actual user’s account of using Mint continuously for 3 years.

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Widely recognized as amongest the best bill payment apps today, Prism is what you need if you find it difficult to remember important bill payment dates. It can ensure all such payments with great punctuality. Prism keeps a constant track on these payments and sends alerts regarding the upcoming due dates. It consists of a database comprising of 11,000 billers, more than any such app available in the market. Another excellent benefit offered by it is that it can be used for all the bills payments on the same day, or many days in advance. Forget about logging into multiple accounts for bill payments as you can simply g into prism and take care of it all in one go. Every expense an account balance is registered in real time and can be viewed without any problems.


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