Resurrect Ability of Overwatch’s Mercy will be a normal one & a new ultimate ‘Valkyrie’ will be replaced with it


In a video recently uploaded by the Overwatch YouTube channel, a developer addressed their concerns about Mercy’s ultimate, Resurrect. He mentioned that they will be introducing many changes to Mercy, with a new ultimate and her old ultimate will now be her second ability with a 30-second cooldown and will resurrect only 1 player.

Here is the video

The changes

  • The ‘Ressurection’ Ability is no longer her Ultimate Ability. It will be her second ability, activated by pressing E (default).The countdown for Ressurection will be 30 seconds.
  • Only one person can be revived with Ressurection.
  • Her new ultimate ability is ‘Valkyrie‘, activated by pressing Q (default). It will boost her abilities and weapons as follows:-
    • Pistol: Infinite Ammo, Enhanced Damage, Higher Fire Rate.
    • Healing Staff: Improved effective range of the staff and healing & damage boost now affect everyone near the targeted ally.
    • Resurrection: Immediately gets reset upon activating Valkyrie, and then cooldown is 10 seconds.
    • Fly: Fly freely with increased movement speed, instead of just gliding.
    • Guardian Angel: Higher range, more speed of reaching the target.
    • Health Regeneration: Does not get interrupted upon taking damage.

The changes are good in my opinion and do not worry this is just released in the PTR version of the game and not the main version, so they will tweak it a lot before releasing it to the normal version of the game.




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