Best Online Casino in India


India’s betting laws are pretty archaic. There is nothing in the laws that makes online casino and gambling illegal and the primary law cited by the government is over 100 years old. While we wait for the largest democracy to enter into a modern age of sports betting, one that will actually contribute to society, people interested in betting need to traverse the gray zone of legality.

Best Online Casino in India

Betting online is not difficult in India and there are millions of people that have accounts with the leading betting websites around the world. Unfortunately, this lack of clarity about the entire situation is something that makes it easy for people to get scammed and lose their money.

So which is the best online casino in India?

A number of things have to be taken into account before giving this answer.

Offer INR as a betting currency

We think this is a pre-requisite for anyone that is playing online in India. If you are not using INr as a currency, then you are wasting money every single time you deposit and withdraw money. That is just plain and simple an expense you can avoid.

Focus on India

India has its own particular set of games that they enjoy. Sure, cricket is a global sport that is available around the world on most betting websites but what about casino games like andar bahar or teen patti? These are games that you will find on casinos that have India as their primary market.

Be Safe

You do not want to be in a situation where you deposit your money with an online casino and then never get it back. There is no point in winning money if you are never going to end up seeing any of the winnings. Having a long and controversy-free track record is difficult in this business but it is not impossible.

The best online casinos and betting sites in India have managed to stay away from such controversies. The websites should also have been around for long enough to develop trust. After all, not too much is going to go wrong in the first year or two of functioning. Longevity matters in this game.

So is there any one online casino in India that fulfills all of these requirements?

We have no hesitation in promoting 10cric as the best casino in India. It also has a very rpobust sportsbook that you can take advantage of. Of course, you are free to do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Websites like do a good job of aggregating the information you want in one place but you may have some other avenues that you would like to explore.

Good luck and game responsibly.


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