How Does Online Lottery Work in India?


Playing the lottery is wildly popular in India. In fact, people start worrying that it was getting too popular and even tried to have it banned. The Supreme Court of India has allowed states to make their own rules regarding the legality of lotteries and as of now, 13 states have deemed it legal.

What about online lottery in India, though?

This is where things get interesting. The ban on lotteries by the states is only on the physical buying and selling in their jurisdiction. Online lotteries are registered in countries where this practice is completely legal and so there is nothing to stop Indians from buying lottery tickets online.

In fact, people from every single state in India can play the lottery online.

Will the government take away your money if you win the lottery online in India?

Newspaper reports are filled with instances of Indians traveling abroad and winning a massive lottery. All of those people, whether they win in UAE, Las Vegas, or Macau, are allowed to keep their money. Of course, the taxation laws of the land will apply to the money won but there is nothing that says that the government is going to take away your money.

How Does Online Lottery Work in India

Is playing the lottery addictive?

Anything in life can be addictive. You can have a cigarette but not be addicted to it or have a drink socially without getting addicted to it. There are people that are addicted to both of these things. Playing the lottery is for responsible adults that are able to stay in control of their emotions.

Is there a way to win the lottery online?

Lotteries are randomly generated and won. There is no skill required to play it and that is why anyone can win it. There is nothing else that gives you a chance to turn around your entire life instantly. The chances of winning are minuscule but the payoff is so big that for some it is worth the risk.

The only way that you can give yourself a better chance of playing the lottery is to buy more tickets. Theoretically, the more tickets you buy the better chance you have of winning. Once again, you must consider the amount of money that you are investing in trying to win the lottery because you don’t want that to become a problem.

The thrill of waiting for the lottery result and seeing your numbers come up is something that has to be experienced to be believed.


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