Betting on Cricket in India


In general sports and betting have a close relationship. This is true for cricket in India as well. Most people like to wager bets on their favorite teams and streams they are watching online or matches on the television. Sports betting in India is forbidden with the exception of a few land-based casinos, lotteries and horse racing. Offshore online sports betting operators are able to offer their services through the internet and there are no regulatory forces in play to prohibit them from doing so or for you to access them.

cricket betting in india

You are also able to access online casinos where you can play roulette, blackjack, and slots. Some of these also offer sports betting. So when you get tired of betting on cricket, your favorite team is always losing or you just want to try something new, you can try your luck elsewhere.
If you are not familiar with online casinos or what games are available, you can check this website and read their guides to learn everything you need to know about playing at an online casino.

Cricket in India

When India and Pakistan played in the Cricket World Cup. This meeting is the greatest rivalry in Indian sports and measures up to some of the biggest events globally. The audience that watched the match in 2019 was ten times the size of the last Super Bowl final and almost a hundred times the audience of the 2019 NBA Finals. Only the UEFA Champions League topped it last year. Outside of India and Pakistan, few people watch the match despite easy access through streams online. This is a testament to the popularity of cricket in India. And in case you forgot, India won the match by 89 runs!

Cricket has been played in India since the early 1700s. It can be considered an unofficial national sport of the country. The sport is very popular and played in all parts of India.

How to Bet on Cricket

Considering the popularity of cricket in India there is no surprise that the demand for betting is huge. There are many ways to bet on cricket. It’s popular to bet on all types of events inside a match: Check this for in Play Betting

  • Winner of a match
  • Who will win the toss
  • Highest opening partnership
  • Overs
  • Innings
  • Wicket dismissals

and much more.

When you bet on a cricket match there are different odds formats available, most commonly:

  • Decimal (2.5)
  • Fractional (3/2)
  • American (+150)

All of these examples have the same probability but the percentage is displayed differently. 2.5, 3/2 and +150 is all an expression of a 40% chance to win and reflects the amount you have the chance to win. For example, if you bet 250 rupees at the odds of 2.5 you will win 375 rupees. 250*2.5=625. Deduct the money you bet, 625-250 and you are left with a net win of 375 rupees.

Even though gambling is formally illegal in most states of India, you are able to bet with online gambling operators. Companies operate from abroad and you can easily access them and deposit money and bet.

Effectively, online gambling, including betting on cricket is a grey zone. It’s not legal and at the same time, there are no acts or regulations in place that forbids online gambling.


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