Eight Indian Non Veg Side Dishes that Go Perfectly with Rotis


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Roti, just like chapati, is a type of Indian flatbread, which is quite popular in India as well as its neighboring countries. However, the secret behind this enormous popularity of this food is not its taste but its utility. Unlike other primary foods, such as rice, you can eat roti with almost any kind of side dish.

Nevertheless, making a perfect round roti does require some skills. So, if you do not really have those, then you can always opt for the Rotimatic rotimaker. With this excellent product, you will surely be able to make perfectly round rotis.

So, as the problem of making roti has been solved, now, we can talk about the side dishes that we were talking about before. Here are some of the best appetizers that go perfectly with roti.

Chicken Makhani or the Indian Butter Chicken

Indian butter chicken, also known as Chicken Makhani, is one of those dishes, which compliment the chicken quite perfectly. The delicious side dish consists of some pieces of chicken tossed in the spicy tomato sauce, which makes it absolutely perfect for serving with freshly-made rotis.

However, this dish is originally known to be quite spicy. So, if you are thinking of preparing this food at your home, then make sure to add fewer amounts of cayenne in it. This will help in reducing the spiciness of the delicacy.  Serving this dish with the freshly made roti from the Rotimatic will make you forget every other taste that you have

Mutton Rara

Mutton rara is widely considered to be one of the most unique Indian dishes as it showcases a combination of mutton keema along with lean pieces of mutton. However, the time, which is required for making this food, can be quite lengthy. Therefore, if you are not patient, then it will be difficult for you to cook it properly.

Nevertheless, if you have cooked it in the correct manner, then the result would be absolutely lip-smacking.

Rajasthani Laal Maas

Known as one of the most popular local dishes of Rajasthan, the Rajasthani Laal Maas is considered to be one of the best dishes to try with roti. To make this delicacy, you would have to the pieces of mutton in mustard oil and flavor it with kachri spice.

Again, this is yet another dish, which is widely known for its highly-spiced nature. However, if you want to reduce its spiciness, then make sure to lessen the overall amount of kachri spice in it. For more such dishes that can go well with roti, you can check this channel of rotimatic on youtube.

Ragan Josh

Ragan Josh is one of the signature curries of Kashmir, which is also quite popular among the Indians. To prepare this dish, you would have to cook the mutton with browned onions, yogurt, and various types of spices.

If you are a lover of spicy dishes, then you can also use the Kashmiri red chilies in it. Apart from enhancing its taste, this authentic Indian spice would also improve its color and overall look.

Chicken Korma

Known as one of the most popular Northern Indian dishes, Chicken Korma is yet another of the culinary delicacies that you would love to eat with roti. However, unlike the other dishes mentioned here, this food is known to be quite mild in taste. Therefore, if you want to spice it up a little bit, then you can add some more cayenne or chili in it.

Sali Boti

If you are a lover of Parsi dishes and are looking for one to try with your daily dose of roti, then make sure to opt for this amazing delicacy. For making it, you would require some slender pieces of mutton, tomatoes, onions, vinegar, and of course, jaggery. To finish your dish up, you can also add some fried potato sticks in it.

Like most of the previously mentioned dishes here, Sali Boti, too, is quite spicy. Therefore, if you want to, then you can also serve it with Rotis in the traditional dinner parties to make things a little bit unique.

Amritsari Chicken Masala

Known as one of the best Punjabi dishes, Amritsari Chicken Masala consists of boneless chicken chunks, the buttery gravy of spicy cream, tomatoes, and lots of spices. Due to its exquisite taste, this dish is considered to be one of the best dishes to try with roti.

Like any of the other Punjabi cuisines, this dish, too, is quite spicy and tastes delicious if made properly. So, if you are thinking of surprising your family with a new type of dish, then you can always opt for this amazing culinary delicacy.

Roti is something that can be served with any dish but making Rotis is really a tough job. So you can overcome this by bringing home the advanced roti maker for your kitchen. You can check rotimatic reviews and decide why this flatbread maker is best for your kitchen

Murg Malaiwala

Made with chicken drumsticks and delicate flavorings of saffron, rose petals, cream, and mild spices, Murg Malaiwala is yet another dish that you must try with the rotis. However, if you want to make it a little bit spicy, then make sure to sprinkle a little bit of cayenne in it.

So, these are some of the best side dishes that you can try with roti.



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