9 Common Mistakes That People Commit While Hiring Packers And Movers


Planning to relocate to a new city? Hunting for the best packers and movers? If yes then you must give it a halt and read this article. Before you go on choosing any particular moving company, it is important that you are aware of some of the common mistakes that people commit while they are hiring packers and movers. Once the mistake is committed, and you have chosen the wrong packers, you cannot undo that. Your goods will not be in safe hands and you might have to regret later for hiring that company. So, here is this article that talks about the common mistakes that you must not commit while you are choosing the packers and movers for your moving project. Go through them as follows-

9 Common Mistakes That People Commit While Hiring Packers And Movers

Common mistakes while hiring packers and movers

Choosing an unknown company

The biggest mistake that people commit is to hire an unknown company. See, you cannot choose any other company that randomly appears on your screen. You need to do god research, enquire about the company, check its background and then hire it. Hiring any other company can bring the chances of you to fall in the trap or any scam, which you will regret later. Also, you don’t know whether the company is operating legally in the industry or not. So, never ever choose a company about which hardly anyone knows and is hardly visible on the internet. You must always go for the popular and reputed ones.

Not checking experience

If you haven’t checked the experience of the moving company that you are hiring then you are doing the biggest mistake. It is highly essential to check the experience of the company that you are planning to hire. Note that, a company that has years of experience will guarantee the safe moving of your goods. It will take proper care of your goods by using the best quality of packing materials and the appropriate tools to load the goods onto the moving trucks. Right from employing the right packing techniques to unload them correctly, they will take absolute care of all your personal belongings.

Not considering reviews

Not considering the customer reviews before hiring any particular packers and movers is again a big mistake. See, reading the testimonials of the customers who have already availed the service of that particular company will give you an insight into its quality of services. If you find that the customers are talking bad about the company and that they are not satisfied with its services then you must not hire it. There is no point in hiring a company that is unable to meet the customers’ moving requirements. Go for the company that has positive customer feedback, as then you will be assured of the best services.

Getting quotes on phone

Do not ask for the price quote on the phone. Ask the moving company to come to your place, take a pre-move home survey and then give you the estimated moving prices. When you get quotes on the phone, the company is not actually aware of the volume of goods that you wish to take along. And then when they notice it later, they increase the moving prices after the completion of the moving project. So, better to get the moving price quotes in person when the company executive is at your place.

Not comparing different movers

To get to the finest packers and movers company, you need to compare the prices and services of different companies. If you are not doing it then you are definitely committing a mistake. When you make a comparison between different moving companies, you get to know about the difference in their services and prices. Some companies might be offering moving services at a rate much higher than the current standard rates of the industry. So, you will have to be smart to first compare and then choose the one that you think offers the best services at the most affordable prices.

Hiring the cheapest

If you are allured by the cheap prices, then you are going to fall into a trap. See, there are companies that captivate the attention of the customers by offering the packing and moving services at the cheapest price. They do this only to get the customers and fulfill their monetary interests. However, they do not offer the best moving services to achieve customer satisfaction. So, you need to stay away from such companies. Just in order to save money, you should not approach such companies. Note that, security and safe delivery of goods at the destination location is far more important than any other thing.

Not asking questions

When you don’t ask a question from the packers and movers, your doubts don’t tend to clear out. See, it is highly important to enquire about the range of services, any value-added services if it is offering, hidden charges if any and various other things. Also, you better enquire about the estimated time of delivery and if the moving trucks are installed with a GPS system or not. These questions will rest your doubts and you will be able to move stress-free.  Just don’t end up in a confused state at the end of your moving project.

Not buying shipping insurance

If you are not buying the shipping insurance then you are not doing any good for your personal belongings. Buying the goods shipping insurance will cover your goods in both the cases of natural calamity like earthquake, flood, storm and manmade calamities like accident and theft. If any damage is caused to your goods, you will get compensation for the same. The amount of compensation will depend upon the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

Hiring them at last minute

Last but not the least, another biggest mistake that you are committing is hiring them at the last minute. Packer and movers also need time to understand your requirements and plan your moving schedule accordingly. They need time to get the finest of the packing materials, packing your goods with the right techniques and then loading them correctly. So, it’s better to book the movers at least a month prior to your move if you want to move smoothly and safely.

Therefore, it is important that you keep all these above discussed points in mind and avoid committing mistakes. For sure, it will help you in landing up with the best available packers and movers in your city, which will make your move smoother and hassle-free. Have a happy and safe moving ahead!


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