What is the Difference Between a Gas Hob and a Gas Stove?


A gas stove is the core of any kitchen, but with modern times, the design and structure of gas stoves have reached a whole new level.

These days, gas stoves are not only chosen to provide warm and delicious meals, but also to match up to the features of your house as well as give your kitchen a classy and elegant feel.

Difference between a Gas Hob & a Gas Stove

For the same reason, modular kitchens these days are opting for gas hobs instead of gas stoves. However, a layman might wonder if both of them are the same.

While the purpose served is the same, the layout is very different and can completely change the look of your kitchen. Wonder what’s the difference between the two? We explain to you the basic differences along with a few pros and cons of having a stove and a gas hob.

Design and Structure

Our traditional and conventional gas stoves have been the heart of the kitchen and are in use for years. We certainly understand the advantages and design of having a raised cooktop.

Gas stoves and raised cooktops are easy to manage and handle, and more or less possess a protruding design.

They have elevated legs which are usually non-slip and provide a firm base on the platform. Moreover, it is easy to monitor the food on a gas stove and it also provides the convenience of cleaning.

However, the gas stove may end up looking too bulky in the kitchen in comparison to a gas hob. A gas hob has a very seamless design with no edges or borders, it looks almost imbibed within the platform.

This provides you an ample amount of space while also giving your kitchen a neat finish. The pipelines and extensions in the gas stove may be visible which can make your kitchen look shabby.

A gas hob is perfectly levelled to the height of your platform and inserted inside, the body is usually made of ceramic or stainless steel while the burners are made of brass and are fitted on top of the flat platform of the gas hob.

Heat Control & Functions

Built-in hobs are quite advanced in terms of functionalities. Their knobs and controls are very smooth and they come in both gas and electric varieties.

They also come with several inbuilt functions like sensors and alarms to prevent overcooking and burning of food. Gas hobs also possess varied heat control options to suit your cooking standards.

Modern hobs come with multi-flame options as well to control the interior and exterior flame individually.

This helps in obtaining optimum temperature for cooking and get a precise and uniformly cooked meal. Burners in kitchen hobs are known to be durable and long-lasting as they are mostly coated with cast iron which are excellent conductors of heat.

One drawback of the functionality is the flame level in the case of gas hobs. This is because the burners have been adjusted as per European standards which give out only low flames.

Some Indian brands however have introduced double-ring burners to produce high flames as per Indian cooking standards.

Gas stoves on the other hand are also easy to operate but are not very advanced. It uses the conventional cooking and heating methods of adjusting the flame with the knob. You also need to ensure that the food is kept for an optimum time to avoid overcooking and burning.

The heat control options are very limited in gas stoves. It does not come with sensors and alarms and everything has to be monitored manually.


This goes without saying, gas stoves just need to be placed on the platform and the pipeline needs to be connected with accordance with your LPG cylinder.

Therefore, installation for gas stoves is a cakewalk and does not demand major efforts. Makeachoice has reviewed the best gas stoves in India that are easy to use, as well as install.

Moreover, it can be shifted easily as they are portable and you can change the position of the gas stove at your convenience. You can also easily replace it.

However, when it comes to gas hobs, the built-in imbibed design can cause you to change the structure of your kitchen as a whole. If there is any mistake done during installation or shifting, it can cause damage to the kitchen cabinets and design.

Moreover, fitting the pipelines from the insides of the platform and managing connections together can also be a hassle.


Cleaning gas stoves look fairly easy as the protruding surface and various attachments make it very easy to clean each part individually. 

Moreover, if there is any spillage by accident, it can be taken care of by simply shifting or lifting the gas stove as it is sitting on top of the platform and is portable.

Gas hobs on the other hand need to be paid extra attention to while cleaning. This is because their ceramic surfaces on top are extremely delicate and slight scratches may spoil the surface.

The burners and pan supports are fixed and cannot be removed for cleaning. They need to be delicately wiped with a damp cloth and a soap or cleanser and gas hobs require proper maintenance for functioning.


In terms of safety in the kitchen, gas stoves are safer as compared to gas hobs. This is because gas stoves have an elevated design with raised legs that is at a distance from the platform.

Whereas gas hobs directly come in contact with the platform. If the knobs or controls are tampered with or touched by accident, the gas hobs can cause large flames and lead to burning and damaging the kitchen if it gets uncontrollable.

Whereas, gas stoves usually have a knob that possesses slight amounts of friction and is not as smooth as the controls of the gas hob. Therefore, there are fewer chances of slipping or damage and your kitchen is safe from catching fire.

Gas stoves do not come in direct contact with the platform which prevents it from coming in contact with anything dangerous or inflammable. This is not the case with gas hobs and one has to be extremely careful before handling anything on the platform.

As also, it is to be remembered that, the controls of the gas hob should be kept away from children as they can easily come within their reach due to a flat surface.


A greater number of features with a sleek and modern design would not come cheap. There is an extensive difference in their prices and the expenses for installation of gas hobs will cost you separate.

However, the multiple flame and heat options in case of gas hobs allow you to efficiently use LPG cylinders over the month which can help you reduce your monthly budgets on gas.


Getting a makeover done in your kitchen and confused about what to choose? We help you clear your confusion while summarizing the basic differences between a gas stove and a gas hob so that you are smart before choosing one for your kitchen.


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