How Varun Reacts Getting Shraddha Kapoor Proposing Him?


Varun Dhawan Reacts Getting Shraddha Kapoor Proposing:

Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor may rule over many hearts. But do you know she has also crush on Varun Dhawan. The fact cannot be circumvented that Varun Dhawan has always been favourite of many because of his cute face and chiseled body. But Sharddha Kapoor recent confession made a great buzz. Everyone is curious to know the proper story. And the best thing of this story is that she even went on to tell him about her feelings.

Sharddha Had Crush On Varun –

Be that as it may, regardless of whether she is dating somebody or not, Shraddha couldn’t quit pondering her initially cherish Varun while advancing ABCD 2. Though they both were child at that time. But Shraddha revealed that she was just crazy for her at that time. Indeed, the Ek Villain star just couldn’t quit discussing how she once really liked Varun Dhawan and how insane she was for him. Obviously, Shraddha’s first love was none other than the Badlapur star Varun Dhawan. There are many who shocked hearing this. We all know how Shraddha and Varun are so cute in their own way.

The fact cannot be ignored that they both just looked amazing in ABCD2. When they both were shooting for a romantic song for ABCD 2 in a location surrounding with romantic and hear touching &beautiful mountains, Shraddha got nostalgic remembering that lovely day when she proposed Varun.

Would not you love to hear the whole story? She still remember all the things associated to that day in a great way that how she had professed her love to Varun.

Though she couldn’t stop laughing after purposing him as the reaction of cute Varun was so unexpected.Shraddha unearthed that since her dad (on-screen character Shakti Kapoor) and Varun’s dad (movie producer David Dhawan) shares a great bond and our family relation were quiet good. In this way, Shraddha and Varun keep meeting each other on a few such excursions.

How She Proposed Him?

In one such timetable, Shraddha Kapoor who was only 8 years of age at that point, chose to admit her affections for Varun Dhawan. She do not wish to hide her feelings for him. What she did was quite daring.

She was all set and though to confess without getting confused. Can you imagine what she had told her instead of I Love You? She said, You Love I…  She thought to propose in a different way. And that is why she went to reverse the sentence and it became You Love I instead of I Love You.

What Varun Said?

Though Shraddha was so overwhelmed but Varun Dhawan did not have any idea in this respect. Getting Shraddha like this was quite unexpected to him. He did not get what she is saying. He just shouted and ran away from the spot saying No…No… Shraddha still laughs remembering those moments.

Though Varun got blushed hearing all this. He also stated that he is quite comfortable working with Shraddha as no one is like her. We all know that they both are best friends. Shraddha now feels that perhaps since he was a young man, he didn’t comprehend what was she saying.


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