KRK Is Back On Twitter: SRK + Salman Khan + Aamir Khan


KRK Is Back On Twitter: SRK, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan:

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Actor-turned-director Kamaal Rashid Khan is back to twitter. For his fans, there is a great news. But what about them who hates him. He is widely popular as KRK. No doubt, his fans has missed the sexist loud mouth. This self-appointed movie critic is all set to create a great buzz on the social platform.

As we all know that KRK’s Twitter account was suspended on October 18, when he revealed the climax of ZairaWasim starrer and Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar. Not only this, but he also opened his mouth against Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao. He tweeted “If u r not a good father or ur father was not a good father whom u never respected then don’t say dat we don’t love children.” All these things went viral on Twitter and caught great attention.

What KRK Said After Getting His Account Suspended –

He reveals that I have spent here a lot of time. I put a lot of efforts to make a number of followers on it. He also added that he has spent almost 4 years and hold six million followers. And that is why I am not happy what did with me. I am determined to go to court on Twitter in order to ask them to reimburse me the money and time both at the same time. And I deserve this as I have spent a lot on my account so far and I will not let it go in vain.

What He Says On Being Asked For Responsible All This –

KRK is widely known for posting what he thinks fearlessly. No doubt, he is noticed a lot. People love reading him. When it was asked, whom he consider responsible for all this, he answered without any fear. The just four tweets old, the self-delegated faultfinder lashed out at Bollywood whizzes Aamir, Salman, and SRK claiming that they are behind all this. They did all this what they can do and put their best efforts to shut down his Twitter account. But he is not going to silent any more, he will be there and no one can stop him.

He also added that SRK + Salman Khan + Aamir Khan constrained #Twitter to suspend my twitter handle. Though they go success in this but they can refrain me from imparting the reviews on movies. I am still here to aware the public to not go for watching the crap movie and wasting their hard earned money. It would be good to make good movies instead of putting their attention on me. It would be good if they starting working on the content to make it stronger.

With legitimate activity apparently making no progress, KRK had likewise undermined to confer suicide as he was discouraged over the suspension of his Twitter account.

Be that as it may, it appears the disputable on-screen character is back with a retaliation under another record and has gone up against the three Khans of Bollywood Shah Rukh, Salman and Aamir. From his new record @KRKActor.


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