Bigg Boss 11 Day 56 – 26th November: Sapna’s Eviction


The highlight of the Bigg Boss 11 Day 56 is Sapna’s eviction. Though Sapna was a strong contestant, it was a shocking thing:

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How Many Contestant Were Nominated –

There are four competitors designated to go out today: Hina Khan, Sapna Chaudhary and Priyank Sharma. No one was sure about that Sapna would get evicted. Buzz is that this evening just might be a twofold end night however we don’t have affirmation on that yet. There is no doubt that Sapna played well and was being considered one of the best contestant.

In a shocking episode, SapnaChoudhary, whom Salman Khan alluded to as one of the more grounded hopefuls, was dispensed with from Bigg Boss 11 controversies. Salman had anticipated it, telling the contenders on Weekend Ka Vaar that their endeavors – including a choice made by Sapna – to spare Luv Tyagi amid the undertaking will blowback as it will bring about the disposal of a competitor who should be in the finals. What’s more, that is precisely what happened.

Ice Cold Water Task Was A Fun –

It was a seriously a great fun watching content playing the Ice cold water task. According to this task, a male and female were being paired. What we do know is that we’ll get the opportunity to perceive what happened when the men in the house get soaked in super cold water. It was seriously quite cold water.

The fact cannot be denied that the folks’ ‘cool treatment’ is reliant on the appropriate responses their female accomplices provide for Salman so it gets truly fun. If you did not watch then you must go for watching it to get loaded with a lot of fun and excitement.

Highlight Of The Big Boss 11 Day 56

· 10:06 pm: Priyank vs Vikas as they both were get into the fight.

· 9:55 pm: Sapna Chaudhary is evicted from the show and it was truly shocking for everyone. No one expected it at all.

· 9:42 pm: Guests come to stage and Salman praises Bobby Deol, Jackie, Daisy. You must not miss this as Salman is truly gem in this and you will stop laughing.

· 9:36 pm: Remo teaches the contestants  what the wonderful steps they can follow whenever sing the song “Y Big Boss Ka Ghar”

· 9:35 pm: Hina and Vikas are the takraar couple and they had a cute fight dancing on the song.

· 9:33 pm: Sapna sizzles

· 9:32 pm: Puneesh and Akash hugs each other in front of all. Hope this thing will make good bonding among them.

· 9:30 pm: Race 3 team steps up in the house and had fun with the contestant

· 9:22 pm: It is time for the game cold treatment and it was completely a great fun watching them like this.

· 9:17 pm: Akash appears on the screen and apologizes to Salman for his behavior and it was good to see him like this

· 9:15 pm: Arshi vs Shilpa will make you a bit senti as Arshi rarely can be seen crying

· 9:14 pm: Vikas Gupta has heart-to-heart with Arshias he considers her his good friend.

· 9:12 pm: Arshi breaks down due to Shilpa’s behavior for not allowing her to serve food to Aakash.

9:08 pm: Arshi declares she is not part of any group.


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