How to Come Up With a Good Brand Name


While you try to actualize your business plan or idea: Looking for the ideal market, sourcing for funds, or even hunting for a good place to set up the business, it is also important that you come up with a strong and catchy brand name that speaks volumes and represents your brand well. It is not as easy as putting letters together and getting a name or picking one from the internet. A good brand name requires patience, creativity, and consultation as well. Here are some tips on how to come up with a good brand name.

how to search good brand nameDetermine the purpose of your brand

The first thing to do when trying to come up with a good name for your startup is to determine the purpose of the whole startup idea. The brand name needs to be in sync with the products and services offered, e.g. a trucking business needs to have a brand name related to transportation, quick and safe delivery, etc. The brand name has to identify with its purpose and most of all with the market.

Take time and take a deep look into the foundation of the entire brand idea. Doing this ensures that you come up with a brand name that speaks for itself, almost prompting you not to hire a marketing company to advertise your brand.


If you have stakeholders or partners in the brand, it is wise to brainstorm the brand name together rather than loading the entire task on yourself – It’s not an easy one. It is fun and easier to have people through wild guesses and ideas of names that describe your brand. It is even a better way of working on the bond and working relations between stakeholders. If the start-up is a solo project, then you might consider doing this with close acquaintances who mean well or even a mentor in the same line of business.

Try the free business name generator tools available

The internet has made work easier these days with almost nothing being impossible anymore. There are very many business name generator tools available online these days and the catch is, they are free of charge. If you are having a hard time coming up with a captivating brand name. All you need to do is take time to sample some of these brand name generator tools according to popularity and dependability. Check ratings and reviews posted online by brands that have used them before. Click here to get some of the top brand name generator tools.

Test the name

At this point, you probably have come up with a brand name and a few other considerations on the line. The ideal way to find out if the name best describes and represents your brand is to put it to test. Tap into a group of people preferably who represent your target market and get their opinions about the brand name. At the same time, present the other two or three considerations that you have as a test too and analyze the data you collect. Include friends and family a well in the test. Doing this could spark new ideas for a better brand name.


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