Top 6 Social Media Applications that can Boost your Business


Social media has taken over the business world vastly. All big and small business people are venturing into social media world to establish a strong market and create a business through social media users. This is because there are millions of users on social media which can become a potential customer and can be turned into a definite buyer.

The social media has helped a lot in propagating the content of business through advertisements, blogs and making personal connections with people through comments and chats. There are hundreds of social media applications but in this article, we will discuss the top 6 social media applications that can really boost your business and bring you profits.

facebook - theindiantalks


Facebook is one of the most actively used social media application to create or flourish already a present business. This is because it has over 900 million users which are a potential audience that can become your customers. People spend a considerable amount of time in their lives using Facebook so this can be a great platform to find your targeted audience.

Facebook allows you to create Pages and Groups that can help you bring interested people and make them aware of what you want to sell. Also, you can create ads on Facebook that will appear on the newsfeed of millions of people and spread your content. Also with the option of Facebook Messenger, you can create a sound relationship with customers by dealing with them directly through chats.

linkedin - theindiantalks


This social media application is the most professional and also very essential for a person who wants some serious business done. It helps you to set up a professional resume type profile. Then it allows you to make professional connections and build a network of people related to your field or with those who can benefit your business. People can find new job opportunities on LinkedIn and create a self-promoting profile which is very essential for business.

LinkedIn is free of personal views and personal aspects of you. It is totally based on professional terms. You can find someone whose firm might be in need if your services or your goods in bulk. Or you can find someone as a mentor who can guide you on how to boost your business.

snapchat - theindiantalks


It may sound absurd that Snapchat where your messages disappear after viewing and your story doesn’t stay forever. But its a valuable application with a young audience with ages 13 to 26. It can help you to see the trends and evaluate the behaviors of people. You can find out what attracts the young audience more and help you devise a strategy to target your product to the audience.

whatsapp - theindiantalks


It is the cheapest way to contact people directly free of cost around the globe. You can send pictures, videos, and audios as well. Also, this social media application can help to maintain a permanent contact with your business team and also customers.

pinterest - theindiantalks


This social media application is a great way of creating boards which allows you to represent your goods and services to the audience. With a well-designed board, you can add your content in form of images and add a description and trending hashtags that can allow your audience to have a closer look at your work and built interest in them to land on your web store.

instagram - theindiantalks


Currently #1 app among businesses and teenagers to directly getting business leads and show off. Extremely easy to use and to get followers. Buy followers on Instagram and get viral overnight.

These top 6 social media applications can add a boost to your business and bring some profitable results. You can also use Dexa which is an excellent customer service software to integrate all your social media messages into one platform.



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