Top Tech Gadgets you can’t Leave Home without


With headphones on, cellphones in pocket, tablets in bag, hard to neglect the fact that technology has taken the charge of our course. The plugged-in phase has left us with the only choice to embrace it with style and trend. When this era is all about gadgets,take a front row seat, its show time! Though we can’t take everything along when we step out of our shelters,but we certainly don’t want to miss the must-haves. Gadgets have become an indispensable part of life and so is their need.Following is the list of the smartest gadgets you would love to have at your fingertips when you stay outdoors or go for a travel.

Top Tech Gadgets you can't Leave Home without

1. Cellphones and Tablets

Don’t forget it as you absolutely can’t manage to go out without it.
This is the most needed and best companion in today’s world on which you won’t choose to disagree. From booking flights to navigation,we are all so dependent on our mobiles. Lets not forget that most of we lot can’t afford to leave them behind even in washroom. Since our life spins around it, makes it an integral part of day to day life. While the markets are flooded with hell lot of options, electronic offers are best to turn to if you still look for the smartest one at most reasonable price that too with an ocean of options to choose from.

2. Portable Power Bank

Quite the gadget that came into existence because of our overly dependent lifestyle on cellphones.
It is the second most useful gadget other than the smartphone.However promising the battery life of the cellphones be, none of it won’t last an entire day. There comes times when you can’t afford your smartphone or tablet to run out of battery. So instead of looking for power outlets around, why not carry an external battery with a good cable to fuel it up. So always carry a good power bank in backpack wherever you go.It won’t take so much of space but helps a lot in preventing untimely shut downs of your device.

3. Smart Watches

Wear the tech with style and fashion, time to flaunt. We all know the trending smartwatches are safest to carry at walks and travels where the chances that your cellphone might drop are high. Not only it adds upto the style statement but also serves a lot many purposes you can do with your smartphones. From evaluating your fitness level to notifying you every ping, smart watches are fastest growing trend in the gadget scene. Simply connect the watch with your cellphone and get the hell away with a worry free feel. As available in lots of designs and patterns, it makes you open to the wide range of stylish collection to choose from.

4.Smartphone Printer

Not everyone is blessed with an eidetic memory but anyone can have the access to this amazing gadget.
If you are a traveller then you are well versed with the worth of this gadget. We all know the travels are all about capturing moments and absorbing experiences.These mini smartphone printer bring your picture to life in no time wherever you need. Being portable and compact in design, it is certain to give the best company to your outings. It connects easily to any device and gives unparalleled experience. It might not be the most important to have but it is certainly one of the gadgets very few know about and won’t like to leave behind.

5. Kindle

If you are book worm or simply a book lover, then here is the device to have your undivided attention. Reading is indeed the best entertainment while you are on a journey. It is quite baffling to choose from the very favourite collection of our books. Worry not! You can carry them all on kindle without bulking up your baggage. It provides you with an extended storage to save as many books as you want and the battery does last quite long. So go digitally with fun reading and have it marked on your must carry list.

6. Noise cancelling Headphones

Wherever you go, run to the beats ! Music is an ineffable pleasure to everyone. To make your experience more rocking, these noise cancelling headphones will block the unwanted voices while you play the music. It ensures the best of experience while traveling. You can’t literally hear anything but clear music. It is really worth having it during the flights or journeys when the accompanying passengers are annoying or the travel noises are getting on to your nerves. So don’t forget to take it along if you wish to tune up the mood for good.

7. Personal Water Filter

Health comes first wherever we go. What bothers most of us is the quality of drinking water. Sometimes it’s the taste and other times the phobia of being exposed to unwanted illness. Packaged water costs a lot if you are stay out of station for long. Moreover it won’t be available at your beck and call. So it becomes important to know about the gadget that does exist under your nose. This personal water filter kills most of the bacteria and parasites to make it fit for drinking. Take this compact bottled system along and drink the water from the source without any fear. You are certain to consider this gadget if you often happen to suffer the water problem at new places.

8. Headphone Splitter

Traveling alone does not work for everyone. How about having a device that connects the entertainment to your company. Let’s split the entertainment with headphone splitter and give a fair share of your music to your buddies. It is a perfect device if you are a couple or with your friends as it allows to connect two or more headphones from the same device so that everyone can enjoy from your playlist. Enjoy your movies or songs with your loved ones without playing from so many devices. Entertainment becomes more fun when shared with everyone and life becomes more happening with comforts like these gadgets.

Every gadget has their own poison. Some are already known to everyone but some will serve as an amazing new hack to be your company at the next journey. If you stay a lot outdoors then this list will sort things out for you for the better.


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