PDFBear: 4 Steps To Convert Your Images Into PDF Through Windows


Converting JPG files to a single PDF offers us numerous benefits, including the space it will take on our hard disk. PDF files consume less room compared to JPG files. No wonder why people opt to save their documents into PDF rather than JPG. When you print out JPG images, the quality will be more likely different from what you see on screen. However, this is not the case with PDFs. PDFs are known to have a high-quality resolution on papers and screen. 

Today, PDF files have become the newest standard of digital format. It offers users a wide range of abilities, including its interactive featured elements, encryption, and digital signatures. Professionals prefer to convert their images into a single PDF for hundreds of reasons. In converting the file, PDFBear offers us the most trusted and fastest method through Windows. 


A Brief Introduction About PDFBear

PDFBear is a secure cloud-based website that offers numerous technological tools for all sorts of documents. From converting your JPG to PDF, splitting PDFs, to unlocking them, PDFBear provided the safest procedure. In just a click away, you wish will be granted. 

Aside from the Windows operating system, PDFBear also supports multiple OS such as Mac, Linux, or even Android. Thus, whatever platform you are currently using will never be a problem. All featured tools are free, but you can also avail of its pro edition for unlimited converting with no advertisements. To conveniently convert your images into a single PDF file, follow these procedures below. 

PDFBear 4 Steps To Convert Your Images Into PDF Through Windows

Upload Your Images

Upload your JPG files you wish to convert JPG to a single PDF by clicking “Select Files” found in a blue box. Or you can also drag the images and drop them to the site to start uploading. The entire process will surely remain private and secure as PDFBear will use an SSL encryption and the latest technology for the benefits of the users. 

Besides JPG format, PDFBear also handles various files such as GIF, BMP, TIFF, PNG, and PBM formats. Thus, you can also upload these files to the site and convert them to a single PDF for a better version of the document. Expect that there will be no complications during the uploading process. 

Choose From The Options Available

Choose the options provided by the website. Whether you want the file to be in portrait or landscape, or whether you want it to include a small or big margin, the choice is entirely yours. Another best thing about the tool is its ability to allow users to add more photos in the middle of the conversion. It can handle and convert multiple images within a single click. 

Unlike with other digital-based tools, you don’t need to install offline software to convert your images into PDF. All necessary actions will happen online. Thus, whether you are at the office or school, you will be able to access the converter for completely free.

Press Download

When you find the right and perfect option for your files, press download to save your updated document to your Google Drive or your device, this process is also 100% safe and protected from any. prying eyes on the internet.

If your internet connection is interrupted at the moment, PDFBear allows you to start the task all over again by pressing its “Start Over” button. If this will happen during the conversion, rest assured that the quality will not be affected. The website will still produce the utmost quality of output 一one of the factors why they have become famous from different parts of the world. 

PDFBear is the best tool for your JPGs 

PDF has a lot of benefits. Aside from the high-quality offered and its convenient features, there are hundreds of factors why professionals prefer to use PDF rather than JPG files. Whatever reasons they may have, PDFBear will provide the best conversion method for the JPGs. The site will effectively convert your JPGs into a single PDF using the few steps mentioned above.

Whether you are using Windows, Linux, or Android, PDFBear will offer its 100% best for entirely free without any complications. The service is offered 24/7. Thus, you can access the tools and convert your files whenever and wherever you want. 


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