Common Sports Betting Myths You Should Never Fall For


With online betting and gambling becoming more and more mainstream in India, international bookmakers have witnessed a significant rise in the number of players. 

As for sports betting in its physical form, it’s been around as long as sports have been! Sports betting has been one of the leading ways for players to spend their leisure hours. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like the chance of earning some extra bucks betting on their favorite game?

However, as the number of years went by, the sports betting arena started to fill up on a lot of myths regarding betting. This is mostly because of lack of understanding. 

On that note, let’s take a look at some most common sports betting myths you need to know. 

Bookies Know Better Than Me

Most players are under the impression that bookies know better than them. Well, this sounds like something some smug bookies cooked up! Players are usually inclined to believe that online bookmakers have some sort of inside information. 

Of course, they have the software, expertise, and means for analyzing scores every second. But that doesn’t mean that a smart player can’t secure wins.

The Pros Make Correct Predictions

After all, the pros can’t be wrong, right? Well, not necessarily. Even though most of them get paid to share their predictions, the word of professional tipping services is not the holy grail to a win. 

Now, it might seem like it’s better to subscribe to the services of an expert instead of analyzing the injuries, weather, and other factors. Even though they are experienced, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are better than average players. 

It’s just that since it’s a full-time job for them, they have more time to analyze things in detail. 

Bookies Will Ban You For Consistent Wins

A plethora of players think that bookmakers love losers and hate winners. Some even think that the bookies will limit or ban consistent winners. 

Now, just like players, bookies hate to lose. Of course, they will try to cut their losses. But as long as you are not cheating or using foul means, bookies can’t ban you just because you are winning. 

However, to ensure that you don’t get banned unnecessarily, always choose a reliable betting site such as 1xBet. Moreover, when an underdog wins, bookies love the free publicity! Bookies are usually middlemen. If they get almost equal bets on both sides, they rarely care about who wins. 

The Better Team Always Wins

An average player usually bets on the team with the better players. The main reason behind this is that users tend to overstate the strengths of the players of the team they think is better. 

They don’t take into consideration that the players of the opposite team can be better motivated. Or the players who are already known for being better might underperform due to excessive stress or overconfidence. 

Big Bookmakers Fix Matches 

Players, usually beginners are of the opinion that the bookies fix matches to obtain the desired outcome. 

First of all, not all matches are fixed. Second, if a match is indeed a fix, bookies are the biggest losers in this case. After all, the criminals are adamant about stealing a lot of money from them!

Bottom Line

Earning money through what you are passionate about can be the most rewarding thing ever. Sports betting provides players an opportunity to understand the game better and engage in a battle of wits. 

However, the above-mentioned myths can hold back any better from reaching the earning potential they hold. Regardless of how much knowledge you possess of a game, it’s important to be aware of these sports betting myths to increase your chances of a win.


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