5 things on the Revierderby


Question: what’s black and yellow as well as blue around? Solution: the Revierderby, the Bundesliga’s greatest rivalry and among the globe’s most eagerly expected matches. On 16 May, the Ruhr district will certainly be ready to rock as Borussia Dortmund host Schalke with bragging civil liberties and even more on the line.

This semiannual fixture is virtually a season in and of itself, with BVB captain Marco Reus declaring: “There are two games a year for us which are especially important: those against Schalke.”

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Good or negative, what is your earliest memory of this fixture?

1) Kohlenpott order

Dating back to 1925, the Revierderby is a contest steeped in custom, regional national politics and fierce neighborhood satisfaction. Coal versus steel, Royal Blue versus Black-and-Yellow, underpinned by a long-lasting game of oneupmanship completely step: Schalke against Dortmund is a fixture like nothing else in world football. Just 32 kilometres different both clubs, both located in the nation’s industrial heartland, the Ruhr district, as well as while a variety of various other professional groups come from the larger Ruhr region, they have to make do with the tag ‘minor Ruhr derby’ for their numerous head-to-heads. Aside from their closeness, there was no certain trigger for a rivalry which, if anything, has actually only increased over the years for 2 collections of followers who basically like nothing more than to put one over on their neighbors. The component has actually turned into one of the most passionately opposed experiences throughout the globe video game as well as means even more per set of followers than any other meeting on the football schedule.

Watch: A Revierderby background from 1 to 94!

2) North/South divide

This game is strongly positioned in Germany’s Ruhr area, yet extrapolated from the geographical relevance of this fixture is a rather distinct north/south divide. Legend has it that Dortmund relocated their hardcore fans from the north side of their previous Rote Erde Arena to the south side of their brand-new Westfalenstadion, when this opened up ahead of the 1974 World Mug, given that Schalke’s Parkstadion, which had been opened previously, saw their hardcore followers designated the north stand. Not intending to have anything alike with their bitter local rivals, Dortmund for that reason ensured their famed Südkurve would be the house for their strident fans.

3) Early conferences

Dortmund took eight of the initial 10 derby days of the Bundesliga age, before Pass away Knappen finally advanced on 20 April 1968 with their initial sway Dortmund given that 7 September 1963. Another Schalke success on 4 March 1972 proved an also bitterer pill to ingest for Dortmund, whose subsequent transfer ensured it would certainly be another 3 years prior to the Ruhr giants might renew colleagues. True to create, it was Dortmund who restored Kohlenpott order upon their go back to the top-flight as Lothar Hubner gave Dortmund their initial victory over Schalke in nearly ten years on 5 November 1977.

The Revierderby has actually been an unmissable component in the Bundesliga considering that the league’s development in 1963. – imago/Horstm üller.

4) Barking mad

In 1969, police with canines attempted as hard as they could to maintain fans from overspilling onto the field. One German Shepard canine named Strike ended up being a little over-zealous, though, as well as took a bite out of Schalke player Friedel Rausch. Forget the magic spray, however– Rausch was provided a tetanus shot and had the ability to complete the video game. As it later took place, the canine did not belong to the police but had in fact been generated by a Dortmund fan that had actually acted to be a policeman to access to the video game.

5) Revier revenge: component 1

In the reverse fixture, Schalke president Günter Siebert discovered an unique way of obtaining vengeance. He visited the neighborhood zoo and lent out a lion for the day. He patrolled the pitch with the lion on a lead as followers saw the funny side of the occurrence earlier that period, and the good news is the lion did not attack any person that day. Neither did any kind of pet dog, because the Bundesliga had actually responded to bite-gate by getting all pets to use a muzzle. The ordinance did not apply to lions, however.


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