Apple Confirms The Launch Of Its Stores In India


As on Date Apple doesn’t have any official stores in India but thats gonna change after the confirmation made by Apple company CEO MR Tim Cook . Apple’s bringing  its much  famed stores to India.

At a recent  held  town hall meeting at the company’s Infinite Loop headquarters to reveal new announcements with CEO Cook and other top executives.  Cook reportedly said that Apple is in early preparations to bring its retail stores to the country.

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According to a report in 9to5mac, Cook called India one of Apple’s “most important growth areas for the next decade.” According top the news report, “He menitoned that 4G LTE networks are not in every emerging market, and this gives Apple the opportunity to push its latest devices to regions like India,And  Apple will continue to invest in India despite global slowdown and currency fluctuations”.

“During hard times like now, it provides an opportunity to invest in newer markets such as India where there are long-term prospects,” he said.

cook was subjected to answer several  questions from the the audience including on attempts at reducing concerns related to the company’s iPhone dependence, porting of more Apple services to Android, growth in India and releasing cheaper iPhones to expand reach in the growing markets.

“India is quickly becoming the fastest-growing BRIC nation, the third-largest smartphone market behind China and the US, and the median age of the population is 27 compared to 36-37 in China,” Cook said

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The company has been trying hard to expand its market share in India but hasn’t been able to set up its iconic stores because of mandatory local-sourcing norms for single-brand foreign direct investment in retail so far .So far the company has  sold 1.7 million iPhones in India between October 2014 and September 2015,  according to market tracker sources. India is one of the company’s fastest growing markets.And the company is hoping a great market once it opens its own store .


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