7 Beaches For Bachelor’s Party


Whether it is a love affair or it is an arranged marriage, the last day of bachelorhood should be celebrated with a bang. Recently, there has been a lot of craze associated with celebrating the bachelors’ and bachelorette party at beaches. The biggest reason for this may be watch and do sports. Also, beaches offer day and night celebration. That means the time of fun is independent on time. One can enjoy at daytime as much as at night. So, if you are planning a party and adieu your bachelorhood at the beach, here is a guide from our side. This narrative has some seaside destinations which will help you to choose your party destination. Go on and read.


Bachelor’s put their hands up when Pondicherry is suggested as the party destination. The beaches here are surrounded by awesome cafes and bars. Here, there are many offbeat places where one can get tents and plan the party. Influence of colonial heritage brings an awesome nightlife here. Activities like scuba diving are very popular here. It has international standards with the best equipment. There can be nothing more beautiful and exciting than seeing the beautiful aqua life from inside.


Goa has always been on the priority list when it comes to holidaying with college friends. The experience here has been so exceptionally thrilling that more and more people are attracted here for their celebrations like the one we are talking about.  The hippie culture and lots of water sports activity attract people like a magnet here. Maneuvering on waters at high speed is an extremely popular water activity here. Yes, we are talking about jet skiing. You can have the most thrilling experience with your buddies here at Goa is known for the best jet skiing services.

Andaman And Nicobar Islands

Sunbathing in the clean surroundings and exploring the fun amidst nature is a favorite part of bachelor’s if planned properly. Talking about the water sports here, you can indulge yourself in fun fishing,  rafting, parasailing and a plethora of others. One of the most exciting water activity here is tubing or ringoriding. This will give you goosebumps, excitement and an adrenalin pump like never before.

Kovalam Beach Kerala

This is a paradise place for the people who love water sports. If you want to add naughty games for your bachelor party and enjoy your time as heartily as it can get, then this is the right place for you. People from all part of the country come for a bachelor’s party at this beach. This is because this particular seaside is one of those places which packs a lot of fun at a budget price. From snorkeling to scuba diving to speed boating, you can do myriad water sports here and make your party as exciting as it can get.

Gokarna, Karnataka

This is one of the most touristy places. Obviously, because it has so many thrills to offer in the realm of watersports that makes it popular in the country. It is a bachelor’s den for the same reason. From scuba diving to snorkeling, to slide water sports, to underwater swimming etc you name it and every water sport is carried out here.  Wakeboarding is exhilarating water sports that are most popular here.

Tarakarli, Maharashtra

This is the pristine beach where you can have a quiet time as well as an adventurous one. This is because this gorgeous each is so vast that you can take a stroll after your water adventures and it can take you away from the spots of activities. Still, you will remain at the beach. Kayaking, swimming, underwater diving, water flying and many other activities can be enjoyed here. Immerse yourself in these sports and make your bachelor’s party a memorable one!

Mobor Beach, Goa

Whether it’s surfing, kneeboarding or wakeboarding, you and your bachelor friends can enjoy each and everything at its best at this beach. Mobor beach is a popular tourist destination and is known for hosting a maximum number of water activities and sports all over India. So you can throw your bachelor’s party and test your wild spirit of adventure at this beach.



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