5 Reasons Why College Students Shouldn’t Get Married


The life of students is full of ups and downs. They live through multiple events and face various challenges while they study. Some of their choices may be non-academic but strongly affect their academic life. One of such is marriage, and it may drastically change everything. The changes may be unwanted and even catastrophic for your academic progress. The experts from Customwritings know a few vital things about this matter and share their opinion.

#1 It’s Too Expensive

Everyone knows that most students have a limited budget. One of the common attributes of every marriage is spending money. Even if you make a small wedding, it may negatively affect the balance of your earnings. Moreover, your significant other may demand to have a big wedding with a lot of guests. It will be a serious problem for your studying. You risk not being able to afford many learning materials and the cost for your colleagues too.

#2 Marriage May Be Stressful

Stress is another serious factor that may interfere with your academic progress. Marriage is related to constant stress. Two persons may be quite different and constantly collide. Even if you have mutual understanding, common problems of married people may be your worst enemies. Where to get money for living? How to ensure my family? Where to live? These and many similar questions are on your mind all the time long. As a result, you would not give much attention to your academics.

#3 Time Runs Out

Another important issue is the matter of time. All students know how precious it is and how little they have to fulfill all their academic tasks and duties. Every assignment, even the easiest essay, requires some time. Every assignment has its strict deadline that cannot be violated, or a student will lose essential grades. Life in marriage surely takes away a lot of time. You have to give heed to material stability, harmony in the family, some future plans, routine duties, and troubles, etc.

The consequences may be catastrophic. Many married students drop out of their college or universities because they don’t study effectively. They simply don’t have time to cope with their marriage and academic lives.

#4 It Won’t Be Private

Marriage is a special event that can be hardly hushed. Your professors and fellow students will know about it, and this important event in your life won’t be private. It may cause some stress because other people will discuss it behind your back. The others will openly ask about how you live in marriage, and it will irritate or annoy you. Perhaps, some folks will joke about your decision and say it was a mistake. These things lead to great pressure.

#5 It May Cause Personal Problems

Another possible complication is related to people you know. Your parents, relatives, or friends may be against this action. The consequences may be disastrous for you and your spouse. Open conflicts and daily confrontation will negatively reflect on your academic progress. It won’t be a priority anymore. Your personal problems will step up because they must be resolved. You will not be able to focus on the simplest assignments. This will inevitably lead to a loss of many grades. You’ll fall behind the program and other students. 

Keep these points in mind before you undertake this important step. We do not claim that you shouldn’t marry. There are multiple dividends from it, and you may be delighted. Moreover, your marriage may not interfere with your learning. Nevertheless, you ought to know all possible outcomes to avoid some big problems and mistakes.


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