9 Successful Points for Business Writing Assignments


When a student chooses a specialization, he or she should compose a lot of academic papers on that discipline. Many students choose the business industry due to the multiple perspectives it promises.

Research papers are important because they will come you in handy in your future profession. You will have to compose business plans, reports, send emails and so on. These documents are different but there are some common things as well. You can use certain tips, which will be suitable for any paper type. They are effective for business documents and may help to compose them properly.

We ask a group of academic experts from a professional custom assignment writing service to share some points which can be helpful  for business students:

  • Know the subject matter.
  • Make in-depth research.
  • Study a lot.
  • Avoid fluffs.
  • Adhere to your subject.
  • Avoid plagiarism.
  • Provide enough of examples.
  • Don’t be repeatable.
  • Use proper formatting

Point #1

You should know the main subject matter perfectly. Thus, your business writing will run much faster and easier. If your specialization is financing, you are obliged to know its main principles, rules, and laws. Read specific literature, attend all classes and seminars, consult your supervisor, visit online forums and meetings, etc.

Point #2

You should carry out a lot of research. It’s demanded to back up your main question. As you choose the topic, research it from all possible angles. Find primary and secondary information sources. Learn currently existing works and researches to be fully armed with knowledge. Sort out the found materials and use them when they can fit. Keep all the sources you manage to find. They can be used in other papers devoted to financing, marketing or other directions.

Point #3

It goes beyond all doubts that you should study as much as you can. If your major specialization is financing, you should research it from different angles. Mind that this sphere is tightly related to economics, marketing, mathematics, and other disciplines. Consequently, you ought to know a lot about them as well. That’s why we suggest studying a lot. Always take notes and keep them structured and organized. Sort them out and divide into logical blocks and files.

Look for printed and electronic sources. Take online courses or visit different webinars and workshops. Constantly learn and enlarge your knowledge. Make use out of similar guides, articles, books, magazines, and journals dedicated to the issues of your major disciplines.

Point #4

You should get rid of a habit to write watery sentences. Many students tend to add so-called junk sentences. They are pretty meaningless and simply fill in the space necessary to reach the recommended length of a paper. It’s a dangerous tendency that may develop into a persistent habit. As you receive a job, you may do the same mistake in all the documents. This will be a huge disappointment for your employer. If you want to be a good student and don’t want to lose your job, write only meaningful sentences. Be straight to the point. All of your paragraphs should fully reflect the main question of your business paper.

Point #5

You should never go astray the main subject. Though you should know a lot about related subjects, your main subject should prevail in your academic papers. Thus, if you choose to finance, add only small patches of information about economics, marketing, and other spheres. The main stress should be given to financial matters.

Point #6

You have no right to plagiarize the works of other authors. You should never copy from any source. If you like some expressions and ideas, you’re welcome to quote them. Nonetheless, you should do it correctly. It’s demanded to use quotation marks around the quote and add the name of the author and his/her work. Mind that these peculiarities differ. They depend on the assigned writing format. Besides, you can use a plagiarism checker to know what is plagiarized.

Point #7

You should also give enough diagrams and examples. Use them to illustrate your main concepts. Your academic supervisor, as well as your future employer and co-workers, will like that you make your work so vivid. Your texts will be properly structured. Do not forget to add the bullet and enumerated lists too.

Point #8

Do not repeat your own ideas. Many MBA students tend to repeat one and the same idea several times throughout the paper. Moreover, they may likewise repeat them in other papers. This creates a bad impression because people understand that they lack originality and new ideas. Of course, some of them try to be very smart and repeat the same concepts with other words. Nonetheless, experienced readers will always recognize this trick.

The only concept you can repeat is a thesis statement. Notwithstanding, it can be mentioned only twice per text. State it at the end of your introduction and in your conclusion. Mind that the second time you write your thesis, you should use other words. If you lack ideas, find them on different MBA blogs and scholarly articles. 

Point #9

Give special heed to the formatting of your business papers. You should use proper formatting. It’s necessary to know the writing format you were assigned. Every format has its own peculiarities. You should memorize them and use properly. One of the best ways to do that is to read other samples in the same format. Do it several times to activate your visual sense.


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