Buying Guide For Air Cooler For Home Use


Buying Guide For Air Cooler For Home Use

Air coolers are available in all varieties, features, and dimensions. Summers can get very hot in a few places and having air coolers is essential to beat the heat and chill at home. You can buy an air cooler for home and office. You can buy air coolers for indoor as well as outdoor setting. There are certain features you can consider when you want to buy or rent air cooler. When you rent furniture, the package could also include an air cooler along with other appliances.

Features to look for in an air cooler 

Tank Capacity

A simple way to understand this feature is that, the larger the air cooler capacity, the longer it will give cool air. If you need an air cooler for everyday use, you must choose one that has a good capacity to cool the area for a longer time. Desert air coolers have larger capacity of water tank compared to personal air coolers.

CFM Metric

The airflow of an air cooler is calculated by this metric. A 1500 CFM is a good capacity for a standard size room. This also depends on the other modes an air cooler can be used. If it comes with a fan and a blower, the air flow is created with lower pressure. Speed adjustments of an air cooler let you control the air flow from the cooler.

Cooling Pads

Cooling pads are responsible for cooling inside the air cooler. They absorb water and release cool air. Choose an air cooler that has aspen or cellulose as cooling pads. An air cooler with wooden shavings is cheaper and needs a lot of maintenance. These type of cooling pads do not run for long. Coolers with aspen or cellulose are expensive but need low maintenance. You can choose whatever suits you from this feature.

Remote Control

You can choose an air cooler that comes with a remote control so it is easy to operate the settings and make adjustments with a remote control. You can easily control the speed of fan from your seat without having to physically come to the air cooler to make adjustments. A few air coolers are compatible with inverters. Not all air coolers have this feature. If your location faces frequent power cuts, this is the air cooler you can get.

air cooler for homes

Chilling at Home or Office

You can take office furniture on rent and include an air cooler in the package. This will cost you less rather than buying one. You can work better at home and office when you have an air cooler to chill the place. It increases the productivity of the employees and provides a comfortable atmosphere for them to work.


These are the features to look for when buying an air cooler. You have the option of renting one if you want to save money and maintenance cost. They are available in different sizes. You can choose the one that fits the dimensions of the room and fits your budget.


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