A Guide to Resume Writers in Sydney


Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that whenever you apply for a job or position of any kind, it is crucial that you have a stellar resume. Have you ever thought about why?

A resume is the first impression that a hirer has of you. So before you even meet them for an interview, they will already have made up their mind about you to a certain extent.

That is why it is so important for you to have an appealing, up-to-date resume that highlights the best parts of your personality as well as your academic and professional career.

Creating a stellar resume isn’t easy, especially for a layman. Most of us can make a decent resume, but we don’t know how to make it stand out. Here’s where resume writers come in handy.

If you want to know more about resume writers and find out about the best resume writers in Sydney Australia, just keep on reading.

What are Resume Writers?

Resume writers are teams of professional writers, who transform a regular resume into an outstanding one. With their impeccable skills and experience, they tailor your resume in such a way that you shine out amongst all the other candidates.

Over the years, the demand for resume writers has grown. As a result, there are a wide number of options available. There are resume writers for corporate professionals, artists, authors, and more. There are also ones that cater to people applying for top positions, and so on.

5 Best Resume Writers in Sydney

If you’re a resident of Sydney and you’re looking for a resume writer that can help you out, here are our top picks.

  1. Resume-Solutions

Our first pick on the list is Resume-Solutions, the resume writing branch of iTouch Professional Services. This company caters to professionals and job-holders of all fields, helping them create a fantastic resume. They utilize a unique method of re-writing the customer’s existing resume to fit the aspects of the job that they will be applying for. Resume Solutions also has a team of excellent writers who not only have skills but talent and creativity as well. With several years of experience and numerous awards under their belt, this company is one of the best resume writer services in Sydney Australia.

  1. My CV Consultant

Our second pick is My CV Consultant, a leading resume writing service that is advancing by leaps and strides. They believe that your resume shouldn’t just reflect your achievements, but instead, should give the reader a picture view of you. They understand the value of having a resume that reflects how you are as a person. They also use innovative resume templates, which have a pop of color but still look clean and crisp. The writers at My CV Consultant are skilled and dedicated, and they make sure that every CV or resume is just as great.

  1. Executive Agents

If you want to climb the corporate ladder, you’ll have to leave a lasting impression. This is what the people at Executive Agents believe in firmly, and they make sure that your resume will help you achieve that. The writers at Executive Agents create a fully-customized resume from scratch and leave no stone unturned. Creating a resume is not a one-person job, and they make sure that at least three people are working to draft, create, and proofread. Other than providing CV writing services, they also help you prepare for interviews, give you salary insights, and more.

  1. Katie Roberts

For our fourth pick, we have Katie Roberts, another one-of-a-kind resume writing service in Sydney, Australia. With a team of writers who have been carefully chosen and hand-picked from all over the country, Katie Roberts delivers a stellar performance every time. They have worked with clients from major cities of the country such as Brisbane, Perth, Canberra to list a few. They have worked with international clients as well. They have also formulated resumes and CVs for professionals of all industries, from accounting to entertainment.

  1. CV People

Last but not least, we have CV People, a name synonymous with quality. It is the go-to website for all individuals who want to grab an executive position and need a resume that will assist them in that journey. They create resumes that suit your requirements and customize them according to how you need it, either targeted or generic. They also provide you with a draft within 2 days, so that you can be the one to give them the green light. They are a symbol of quality for CV People has worked with people employed in some of the best companies and organizations in the world.


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