Bigg Boss 11 23 December 2017: Arshi Khan gets evicted


Bigg Boss 11 23 December 2017: Arshi Khan gets evicted:


Salman takes the stage, welcomes everyone to show. Salman says that with the exception of Hina, all are nominated and the nominated inmates see red danger over the weekend, they are scared of me that I will take them out of the house. Salman says Priyank, Vikas, Shilpa, Arshi, Punish, Aakash and Luv. Salman says they all tried to be extra intelligent and plotted nominees, which is not allowed at home. Salman says we will know today who is going to leave. Salman says that India will connect live with inmates today, save an inmate alive today from upcoming nominations and send that inmate directly to the semi-final. Salman says the inmates celebrated Christmas at home.

At home, the inmates wake up to marry Christmas. They come in the garden and see it decorated with Christmas decorations. Vikas hugs Arshi. Gifts are made from each other. Shilpa says “Punish” he did not know what to give you and Aakash, “I do not know if someone else gave you.” Punishing does not say anything worried. Hina receives an egg gift with ‘I love you’ written on it. Arshi dresses from Shilpa, Shilpa says yesterday I received her at home, Arshi hugs her. Hina gives away a pitcher of chocolate protein to punish, he hugs her.

Arshi says that Shilpa showed that he loved me. Luv tells Hina that Castigo did not receive a gift, but that he is fine. Hina says that Arshi received two gifts, from Vikas and Shilpa both. Luv says that Vikas did not give Priyank a gift. Priyank is sad for not receiving a gift.

On stage, Salman asks people to download the application and be part of the live voting. Salman connects call home. He greets the prisoners. The inmates congratulate him. Salman says you’re in the mood for celebrations. Salman tells the inmates that they tell me who you think should have obtained the fewest votes and will leave. Arshi says that I think Punish could go because his game is less after Bandagi left. Vikas says that I am confused between Punish and Arshi, Arshi is entertaining, but when she fights, people see her tongue and not her heart so that people do not get out of the way to vote for her. Shilpa says it could be Arshi because I do not think people like her speaking style. Punishing says I have a bad feeling that I could leave. Aakash says that Arshi could leave. Priyank says that I think Punish could leave. Luv says that I think Arshi could leave. Hina says Arshi or Punish … Punishing could leave.

Salman says that people think that Punishing or Arshi could leave. Salman says that your people are 50% right. Salman says PRIYANK, LUV you’re safe. Salman says that ARSHI IS ELIMINATED. Everyone is shocked. Arshi hugs everyone, hugs Hina, Priyank, Shilpa and Vikas. Arshi says I had a feeling. Arshi hugs Shilpa again and says: I love you, Shilpa is crying. Salman disconnects the call. Aakash hugs to punish. Hina hugs Arshi again. Priyank consoles Vikas. Vikas hugs Arshi again and says you’re my best friend, you’re stronger. Arshi says I will not cry. Arshi greets everyone, Hina says we love you Arshi, Arshi is crying. She hugs Shilpa again and cries. Arshi waves and leaves the house.

Punish tells Shilpa that I could also leave. Vikas tells Priyank that I will not cry in front of everyone, Priyank says that this is the time for testing, Vikas says that these last days will take my life. Hina tells Shilpa that the Vikas loyalists are leaving. Shilpa says that Vikas will not mind, Arshi was using Vikas. Hina says that Vikas was not using Arshi? Shilpa says I have no idea what people think at home.

Vikas cries, Priyank says it’s only two weeks. Punish tells Hina that this is the fall of Vikas Gupta. Hina hugs him and says I told you, Punishing says that this day has arrived. Vikas comes to Shilpa and says he used to love you very much. Shilpa says that this is not love, I know what kind of person I am, but there is a limit, nobody said so much filth to me that I used to feel sorry for her, she is childish.

On stage, Salman says we’re going to live at home, join us to vote. Salman connects call home, says we’re live now, India will decide using live voting on who they want to send to the semi final week. Salman says that Vikas and Priyank will tell their case to people about why they are better than others. Salman says I’m sorry, Priyank. Salman says that VIKAS IS SAFE IN THE NEXT NOMINATIONS AND GOES TO SEMI FINALE. Salman closes the session.


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