Bigg Boss 11 22 December 2017 – Vikas hugs Akash to calm him down


Bigg Boss 11 22 December 2017 – Vikas hugs Akash to calm him down:


In this Episode of Bigg Boss 11, Vikas, Arshi and AkashDadlani go to jail. Puneesh and AkashDadlani make fun of Arshi. AkashDadlani then calls Vikas ‘Gadha’ (donkey).Puneesh advises AkashDadlani to cut Bandgi’s name off the wall. AkashDadlani calls Arshi and Vikas the dumbest people in the show. AkashDadlani shows the camera to Vikas and tells him that he is not a mastermind. The housemates worry that their fight is physical. Priyank Sharma tries to talk to Hina Khan, but she refuses to accept his apology.

Hina Khan gets up and sits on the couch.Priyank Sharma goes there again and apologizes with Hina Khan to what Hina Khan responds: “It’s over between us”.Priyank Sharma tells Luv to explain to Hina Khan that she apologizes for screaming at him.Hina Khan warns Luv not to talk about Priyank Sharma with her.Puneesh asks Hina Khan to see that Vikas is alone in the house. Hina Khan says that Vikas always plays in the majority and is now in jail by majority. Shilpa shows it in Vikas.

AkashDadlani mocks Luv and Priyank Sharma from jail. Vikas takes AkashDadlani’s jacket and goes to the bathroom. The latter follows him. Vikas tries to lock him up, but AkashDadlani bursts in and says he lit Vikas’s jacket.Their struggle intensifies when Vikas retaliates and exhales his breath on AkashDadlani’s face repeatedly. AkashDadlani pushes him and they end up in a physical fight. They justify their actions before Bigg Boss in the confession room.

Vikas pushes AkashDadlani on the floor. Luv calls AkashDadlani “footage.”Bigg Boss calls Vikas and AkashDadlani to the room and asks them what they are doing in jail.When AkashDadlani continues to bother Vikas, the latter tells him that AkashDadlani is alone and asks him if he misses his mother. Vikas tells him that he needs a little love and AkashDadlani blushes when he denies it. Vikas tells AkashDadlani that he is good from his heart and that he is emotional.Vikas tries to fix things with AkashDadlani and resolve his fight.

Contestants wake up with the song ‘Do Aur Do Paanch’. Bigg Boss leaves out the imprisoned contestants and Vikas hugs AkashDadlani tightly and asks him to calm down.Hina Khan tells Luv that Shilpa apologizes to her and they are now friends. Arshi asks Priyank Sharma about his relationship with Hina Khan. Priyank Sharma tells Arshi that he apologized to Hina Khan and she told him “Do not touch me”, which was very painful for him.

The task of captaincy begins.Hina Khan reads the task of captaincy. Four candidates are required to stand in a photo frame. The last man who wants to be in position to become the captain. At the beginning, the contestants try to talk. AkashDadlani and Puneesh put oil in the frame, so they slip and are eliminated. Arshi and Vikas clean the oil of Priyank Sharma’s place.

Bigg Boss gives them a time limit.Bigg Boss asks everyone to decide within two hours, otherwise he would have to finish this task. After hours of discussion, Priyank Sharma and Luv retire and Shilpa follows them. Luv and Shilpa take the name of Priyank Sharma.Luv suggests that everyone make Hina Khan the captain. Hina Khan asks Shilpa not to leave her captaincy so easily.Luv and Priyank Sharma make fun of Hina Khan. In the end, Hina KhanKhan becomes the new captain of the house. Hina Khan shares her feelings with Luv that she does not feel well after becoming a captain like this. Luv gets angry with her and asks her to be happy.

Luv and Priyank Sharma argue over Hina Khan’s behavior. Luv says he will not support her if she behaves like that.Priyank Sharma tells Luv that Hina Khan has some problem in his mind. Hina Khan goes to the bathroom to thank Priyank Sharma, but Priyank Sharma does not seem interested in talking to her.AkashDadlani and Puneesh conspire against Arshi by writing zero on top of his prison cot.


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