Bigg Boss 11 20 December – Live Update Full Details


Bigg Boss 11 20th December – Live Update Full Details:

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With great difficulty and difficulties, on the first day of Big Boss Poultry Farm, Hina concluded with qualifying as the sole competitor for the captaincy. Tomorrow was another day for work, and Akash, Vikas, Priyanka, Shilpa and Luv have set their goals on the golden egg; because they want to join Hina in the last assignment for all the captains.

Shilpa and Arshi start with the war of words in the kitchen because there is no chance to hurt Shilpa. To a certain extent, Arshi says that at the age of 40, Shilpa had come to attend the Big Boss, and she would not be able to see her in the outside world too. She shares her feelings with Punish and tells him how she is disappointed with Arshi and Akash’sbehaviour. The Aaksh also goes to dig on Hiten, as it says it will be far more than 40.

Even after Hiten’s voting, he was the subject of discussion today for a large part of the show. Hina and Luv tell Priyank how he saw a paper in the toilet, in which Vikas had acknowledged that he let Hiten go for Priyanka. Priyanka says that this is her strategy and Hina has confirmed that Vikas wants to strengthen its alliance in the house.

The next morning, when the contestants gear for work, Priyanka informed Luv that Vikas is doubtful that Luv is playing for Hina. Luv tries to talk about Vikash about it, who says that unless she sees it, she does not believe.

Arashi clearly does not want Shilpa as the captain of the captaincy and says she wants to break her eggs, for the first time, Shilpa is seen emotionally; she sits alone in the toilet area and weeps because she cannot tolerate the people around him. But then, she feels that she should be strong because she is seen worse out.

Hina tells Love and Priyanka that she wants them to support her especially, while Priyanka and Love play their own game because they also want to support Vikas. Hina now proceeds to manipulate Shilpa as she tells Punish and Shilpa about the letter written to Hiten and she happily tells Priyanka and Luv that she told all this to Shilpa. Luv loses him because he asks him why she is talking here and there. Love now moves forward to explain Vikas that they did not talk about anyone.

Later, Luv, Hina and Shilpa discuss whether this Vikas and Priyanka’s plan together. Shilpa makes such an issue that perhaps Priyanka is afraid of Vikas because he has to work with him and her contract sheet was with Vikas. For this, Luv tells how Priyanka hates Vikas and once sees the Vikas video, she will definitely be angry. Hina said, telling Priyanka only the truth and Priyank says that she has never spoken to Hina about Vikash or vice versa.

The game starts with the Aaksh’s Egg and Punish throws it in the pool without any effort. But as soon as the egg emerges, the war time is there. Vikas, Arshi, Priyanka, Love and Punit protect the Vikas’segg. Hina tries to climb on them and snatches the egg as a Vikash, and the other does fight and she gets hurt. Apart from this, Vikash, falls on Hina, to protect egg, which leads to intense fighting between them. He plays his card well and blames Vikashfor his improper touch. Indefines, Vikas says that Hina is taking advantage of being just one woman.

After this, Hina provokes growth because she says that this is the Vikash that lets Hiten go. She also brings Hiten’s wife Gauri in all this. Later, Shilpa and Hina tried to provoke luv against Vikash. And this is the Aaksh which becomes the game changer suddenly, he gets up and playing around, he takes the egg and runs it inside the pool, Hina and Shilpa dance with joy while the Aaksh says that they are the most.

After Hina, Priyanka becomes the next contender for the captaincy, and with the already four eggs in the pool, the people of the house decide to choose the contender without playing anyone else. They prepare the names of Hina, Priyanka, Luv and Shilpa, but Arashi does not agree to be Shilpa’s claimant because she feels she is the worst act of work. Punish, Akas and Shilpa talked about making Captain Luv.


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