Bigg Boss 11, 19th December 2017 Day – Hina Khan apologizes to Luv Tyagi


Bigg Boss 11, 19th December 2017 Day – Hina Khan apologizes to Luv Tyagi:

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This week’s nomination of Big Boss 11 has surprised all ‘householders’. Seven of the nominated eight contestants were nominated, things are going to be super exciting, apart from revealing their cards in front of each other, Big Boss will have to play a cautious game.

The Big Boss 11 begins with the Vikash Gupta, which faces Arshi Khan, who often look to incite mysteries and people. He says to stop the differences between him and Punish. Arshi Khan, apparently, told Punish that the Vikash Gupta does not care about him anymore that he is a friend with Priyanka.

Friend-turned-enemy Hina Khan and Luv Tiyagi will be a big confrontation, where they will talk about their issues. Luv Tyagi and Hina argue that Luv Tiyagi is telling him that the way in which he talked about his relationship with Priyanka. She tells Luv that she was upset with the manner in which she reacted to Salman Khan. She says she is responding more on this situation. Luv tells him that Hina does not stop talking about dirt and tells Priyanka that there is a great ego of luv. After some emotional moments, both apologizing and separating them

Punish and Vikas Gupta talk it out. Animal evolution tells me that whatever I do I will tell you. I will never be behind you, they face Vikash Gupta, because they told Pune that Vikash Gupta is disturbed by the destruction of animals. The three cleaned their misunderstanding.

Housewife Munda Chukk Kamal Da has awakened the houses! Talking about Shilpa Shinde, Punish and Bigg Boss 11, 19th December. Shilpa explains that Vikash Gupta is a master mind, she says that she misuse her position. There is another chance to win a luxury budget in homes, it is also the captaincy work.

After reaching the game till now, the captaincy has become an integral part of the sporting event of every contestant. And in tonight’s episode, competitors will have to work hard to get the power of the captain. Adding a touch to the Big Boss 11 drama will tell that four contestants have to sacrifice the possibility of becoming a captain to complete the luxury budget task.

To stay in the race for captaincy, the villagers will fight it and save their eggs.The chicken will eat golden egg at a regular interval with the picture of a competitor. The contestant whose picture is written on the golden egg, is to protect that egg from the other contestant and it is not acceptable that his egg is not immersed in the swimming pool. The house that is built solely in the swimming pool is out of the race for the captaincy. At least four people of the pool should be thrown into the pool

As the golden egg symbolizes its claimant for the captain, ‘homewomen’ are engaged in all types of plans and conspiracy and come up with strategies to protect their eggs. Punish’s golden under-outside is out.Punish Sharma will be surprised because his good friend, AkashDadalani, will show great agility and finish his hopes of becoming the captain of Pune on the first occasion. AakshDadlani makes an impulsive decision and throws Punish’s eggs in the pool.

The people of the house are not very happy, the contestants start harvesting each other against the other people before the other golden eggs choose their loyalty. There is a strategy in place of Hina and the team. On the other hand, Vikas Gupta will very smartly catch Hina Khan’s golden egg and refuse to return it. Hina’s egg is out in Vikash Gupta. Love Tiyagi and Priyanka Sharma’s two pillared powers will come to their rescue and will retain their golden egg.It is Priyanka, Love, Hina and Vikas in the physical struggle. Finally, Hina khan becomes a claimant.

Apart from this, Arish Khan’s plans will be on top of that because Priyanka and Love will have to face betrayal, who have promised to protect their eggs. She will condemn Luv and Priyanka and say that they should be embarrassed to stick to their words and play with someone else’s tunes. She also accused Shilpa of supporting Hina.


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