Is It Okay to Pay for Essay Online?


Students, especially those in college, often ask the question, “Is it okay to pay for an essay online?” Friends will likely answer in the affirmative, while professors might frown upon the idea. However, it’s not so cut-and-dry. In reality, whether it’s okay to pay for an essay online or not totally depends on what the student intends to do with the essay. A better question for students to ask would be, “When is it okay to pay for essay online?”

When is it Okay to Pay for an Essay Online?

Many students worry that buying an essay online, whether it be from someone they know or from a professional academic writer, automatically counts as plagiarism. However, that’s simply not the case. Yes, it is plagiarism for a student to buy a paper online and claim all the work as their own. Then again, it’s totally okay for a student to buy a paper, from whoever they want, if they are using the paper as a reference, instead of turning it into their professor.

How to Use Paid-for Essays

There are several ways students can use an essay they paid for online without plagiarizing. As mentioned earlier, so long as a student does not claim the paper as their own, they are fine. Below are some ways to use a paper written by someone else without getting in trouble for plagiarism.

Use as an Example

Whether a college student has borrowed an old paper from a friend or paid for an essay online, they can use the paper as an example. This is great for a couple of reasons. Sometimes,  it can be difficult to even come up with an idea for a paper. Seeing an example can help.

Another way of using an essay as an example can help is by simply seeing what a professional writer’s paper looks like. When a student can pay for an essay online, they can see correct formatting, among other things, which they might not be able to see if they had simply borrowed an old paper from someone. One of the greatest benefits of buying an essay online is seeing a professional’s work.

Get References

If a student is struggling with writing a research or term paper, or any other paper that requires a lot of references, then buying an essay online can help. Usually, when a student hires someone to write their paper, they can determine how many sources they need. The writer will then find sources to write the paper with.

While it would be plagiarism for a student to the paper itself as their own, there is nothing wrong with using the references in the paper to do their own research and write a paper of their own. This can save time, as students won’t have to waste hours looking for sources. They can simply get to researching and writing!


Many students get nervous about the idea of paying for essays online. This isn’t totally unwarranted. Students should avoid turning in paid-for papers at all costs. Also, it is best to avoid cheap papers. Cheap papers are often plagiarized or have unreliable sources if they have any at all. It’s like they say, “You get what you pay for.” However, using cheap essay samples for your paper ideas should be fine. So long as students avoid these couple things, they should be fine.

When is it okay to buy an essay online? The answer is simple. It’s okay to buy an essay online when a student doesn’t intend to turn it is as their own. So long as they are using it for references or as an example (and so long as they always remember to cite their sources), using an essay they bought online should be fine. However, students should always be cautious. The last thing they want is accidental plagiarism! Keeping this in mind, as long as students use these essays well, they will be safe and in the clear—and maybe even closer to getting a higher grade!


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