Can Online Music Education Really Work?


For those of us who took music lessons in school/college, we may remember them in different ways. Some recollections may involve stern piano teachers rapping poor young knuckles with rulers, others may bring to mind hippie guitar players sharing songs of peace and love, or college choir conductors waving their batons at the basses… In whatever fashion we recall them, one hopes that the seeds of music planted then still, in some small way, help us alleviate stress, cultivate a fruitful hobby – and just enjoy the soul-enriching pastime of playing an instrument or singing.

Can Online Music Education Really Work

With all forms of education now moving online, music instruction too has made the transition. The availability of 1-on-1 online classes for popular instruments such as guitar, piano, ukulele, vocal, violin, cajon (percussion) etc. has made it possible for people of all ages and abilities to learn how to play/sing their favourite songs. Instruments too are now easier and cheaper to acquire with e-retailers delivering them at never-before-prices, right to our doors. This combination of factors has actually made online music education a meaningful and viable option for anyone aspiring to cultivate a musical hobby. Here are some of the advantages, as we see it, of learning music online:

  1. 1-on-1 Live Sessions

Urban music schools often conduct classes with 4, 5 or even larger numbers of students in the same class. This can be detrimental to the learning experience as differences in age, skill and effort can make it really hard to make individual progress. Teachers also will be unable to provide the personalized attention required to learn a musical instrument. Online music classes taken 1-on-1 from the right music academy can actually be an inspiring experience. Teachers need to bring a lot of focus into an online 1-on-1 class, and this helps the student of music greatly.

  1. Availability of Resources

With online 1-on-1 sessions, good music teachers will also share several resources – audio/video links, PDF documents, charts, transcriptions and so on, greatly adding to the structure and organization of any music course. Since these are all electronic resources, they are also really easy for students to store, manage and retrieve at will.

  1. Convenience

Apart from the obvious reasons of the world’s present circumstance, having access to world-class music teachers who may not live in your neighbourhood (or even your country!) is clearly a huge advantage with online music lessons. This unprecedented access to good instruction, without involving even urban travel makes online music learning not just convenient, but preferable for many individuals.

  1. Certifications/Qualifications

Internationally valid certifications or qualifications in  music have also become easier and easier to apply for and earn. Many serious online music schools have acquired accreditation with bodies such as Trinity and RSL Awards (UK). These qualifications, available for guitar, piano/keyboard, vocals, drums, ukulele, music production etc., are especially valuable for school students as ‘UCAS Points’ can be earned through them, enabling the creation of a better student profile if applying for college admissions at prestigious global universities.

  1. Flexibility, Customization

Configured for the hobbyist, most online music schools are happy to customize courses and instruction, allowing everyone from toddlers to senior citizens to enjoy the wide-ranging benefits of music education, at a pace and schedule convenient to them. Unlike conventional school/college, these music courses are also flexible enough to adjust for other commitments – exams, work schedules, travel, etc. – making them a better option for all interested individuals.

Finding the right academy, of course, is the most important. Taaqademy – – is one such, set up by the award-winning Bangalore band ‘Thermal And A Quarter’ (TAAQ). Founded and run by active performing musicians as it is, Taaqademy offers a variety of customized courses for music enthusiasts, and currently serves students across 11 nations and offers free trials as well. Accredited with international certification bodies, it is one of the preferred options for online music education. You can learn guitar, ukulele, vocal, piano/keyboard, drums, percussion, music production and more, right from the comfort and safety of your home, from world-class instructors, get international certifications – and develop a skill that can be a friend for life! What are you waiting for?


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