Windows 11 Rumors, Release Date, Features, Concept – Will there be a Windows 11?


People are always excited about new releases of operating systems, especially from Microsoft. Windows 11 is expected by many after the release of Windows 10 which brings many new and innovative features. Here, you’ll find some of the concepts, rumors, and potential features of Windows 11.


Windows 11 conceptHere is a concept image of Windows 11 – how it would look like. It has an elegant design which looks appealing. The start menu icon has a colored squared Windows logo, and the start menu has a simplistic search menu, next to it the power options. On the left sidebar you’ll see the My PC, Files, People, Internet, Settings, and other icons.

Windows 11 Rumors

  1. Start Menu, redesigned

The Start Menu in Windows 10 was easy to use for tablets and other touch screen devices, but not very user-friendly for desktop & laptop. As seen in the concept picture, the design for the start menu in Windows 11 for desktops and laptops will potentially be changed.

2. Better Cortana

Cortana, Microsoft’s voice recognition will potentially be worked on by Microsoft developers to make it better and more user-friendly. There is a rumor stating on saying ‘Hey Cortana’, the start menu will pop up and you can speak your query.

3. Redesigned task bar

There is a buzz on the task bar being redesigned – most used apps will appear on it which makes it more user-friendly.

Windows 11 release date

Windows 11 Release Date

If there is a Windows 11, it is expected to release in 2019

News, and the truth

Many say that Windows 10 is the final version of Windows Microsoft keys will ever release. But this may not be the case. The rumor is extrapolated from a quote by Jerry Nixon, a developer at Microsoft – he actually may have meant that Windows 10 is the last in series, or that since it is the LAST released OS they will be working on Windows 10 for now.

In 2016, Microsoft said they will be getting in the field of quantum computing.

Microsoft doubles down on quantum computing bet

Do you really think Microsoft will be running Windows 10 will run on the Quantum Computers? Absolutely Not.


Considering all things, Microsoft Windows 10 is definitely not the last OS Microsoft will ever make. There will be future operating systems which might not be named under the Windows series, but maybe somewhere along the lines of ‘Microsoft Quantum’. Only time will tell. Stay tuned for more updates.


  1. i don’t like the simplistic GUI… much preferred the aesthetic color and feel of win 7 and Apple’s iOS 6. but i’m a minority. heck, why not just go to stick figures and 16 bit color instead of this slow crawl back.

  2. hello i’m can’t make skinpack computer ., i’m heard windown 11 if long time a waiting because i need it. you can send for me file .iso, thanks a lot.


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